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Sashiko Style Stitches

Sashiko threads, stencils, and markers I love sashiko stitching, and have tried doing it many ways with a variety of fun patterns. For these projects I make it even simpler using stencils and easy-erase marker pens. Watch the video below for this fun process,… Continue Reading “Sashiko Style Stitches”

Travel Watercolor Journal

A fun and easy project! You can make this into any type of journal you would like. I really wanted to make mine into a watercolor journal, so I used watercolor paper and a fun watercolor decoupage paper for the cover. Tips Supplies

Tiny Leather Journal

Hi Guys! Welcome back! I have started playing around with water colors and other fun mediums. For this project I wanted a fun little watercolor journal I could take with me. You can fill it with watercolor paper, drawing paper, lined paper, or recycled… Continue Reading “Tiny Leather Journal”

Daisy Chain Stitch Pocket

Download the free template for the whimsical botanical design and a daisy chain stitch diagram. We also used one of our fun Monahan aged papers for this project. I just took an old book and decoupaged the cover. I plan to fill and modify… Continue Reading “Daisy Chain Stitch Pocket”

Paper Bulbs

These ornament bulbs can be used on a tree, hung from anywhere, or strung in a row. Customize them by using different papers, different shape templates, and different sizes! Template Downloads Steps:

Fun with Foil & Resin

This project has a fun 3D effect, coated with a solid resin to hold it in shape. It is fairly easy and fun to do. Tips: Products used Ice Resin can be purchased at most craft stores or online.

Fall Art

Whenever I find random items in my garage or a garage sale I like to see what I can do with them. For this project I use a mesh joint tape to add some fun texture to the board. For the bigger board I… Continue Reading “Fall Art”

Paper Birds

This project is a combination of several recent products, projects, and videos I have done recently, plus a little three-dimensional fun! In the most recent video, learn how to make one of these 3D birds, and add it to a cloche board or anything… Continue Reading “Paper Birds”

Paper Bows

I do a lot of paper folding projects! This one is not too difficult. In our video tutorial you can follow along. What I like about paper bows for gift decorating is they can be recyclable, compositable, or just less waste that big fabric… Continue Reading “Paper Bows”

Fun Embellishments

A little artist fun! I love these paintbrush embellishments because I am an artist and I can add them to so many things. I also like that I can customize the paint color and style. Even if you do not use paintbrush embellishments, you… Continue Reading “Fun Embellishments”