Paper Birds

This project is a combination of several recent products, projects, and videos I have done recently, plus a little three-dimensional fun! In the most recent video, learn how to make one of these 3D birds, and add it to a cloche board or anything you have! Tips, template, and tutorial below!


  • Print on sturdy paper
  • Print the water color template on white, or the outline on book, patterned, plain, or watercolor paper
  • Decorate, paint, or color your bird if you print the plain outline on plan paper. If you like it, make a copy onto plain white paper and make duplicates!
  • Cut out the 3 pieces
  • Cut the additional slits and tabs
  • Put together the head first
  • Add the front and back
  • Attach as per video
  • Use card stock or chip board strips to reinforce the legs and feet
  • Add to any project, or set up in a fun place!
Make it your own!

Cloche bird project

  • Fall board from Dollar Tree
  • Roycycled paper
  • Roycycled cloche stencil
  • A piece of scrap wood for a ledge
  • Metal trim, painted and distressed
  • 3D paper bird

Free Templates

Water Color Bird Template
Bird Outline Template

Projects & Ideas to make Bird Cloche Board

Products for Bird Cloche Board

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Metal Trim
DIY Paints
Cloche Stencil

Bird Tutorial

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