Fun with Foil & Resin

This project has a fun 3D effect, coated with a solid resin to hold it in shape. It is fairly easy and fun to do.


  • Use a stamp with some detail- but not too much inner detail (large leaves, butterflies, simple flowers, etc.)
  • Use aluminum foil
  • Apply pressure to the stamp on the foil either with a hammer on a soft surface or through an embossing machine.
  • Wrap foil loosely in the embossing machine to prevent tearing
  • Be gentle with embossed foil
  • Apply with a generous amount of adhesive to fill in the embossed texture
  • Paint, seal, paint with DIY, wipe back. Use unique contrasting colors for base and accent coat.
  • Let dry between each step, and be gentle on the embossed areas
  • Add decoupage paper. The paper will become partly translucent in the resin
  • Build a sturdy reservoir for the resin using tape
  • Mix resin 50/50 and mix very well
  • Spread evenly and let set over night on a flat surface
  • Carefully remove tape reservoir and sand away any excess

Products used

Fruitful Harvest Stamp
Decoupage papers
DIY Paints

Ice Resin can be purchased at most craft stores or online.

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