Paper Bulbs

These ornament bulbs can be used on a tree, hung from anywhere, or strung in a row. Customize them by using different papers, different shape templates, and different sizes!

Template Downloads


  • Decide your template, print/cut/etc.
  • Select your paper (20 sheets)
  • If painting/stamping do that first
  • *If stamping, follow video directions (cut first)
  • Fold paper in half
  • Place template on fold line
  • Trace and cut 20
  • Unfold each page. Glue center line and re-fold
  • Glue top and bottom lines over folded papers. Stack and attach.
  • After glue sets, add hanger on spine
  • Glue the top and bottom lines for front and back papers, wrapping around and attaching
  • Embellish as you like with glitter, beads, tassels
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