Paper Bows

I do a lot of paper folding projects! This one is not too difficult. In our video tutorial you can follow along.

What I like about paper bows for gift decorating is they can be recyclable, compositable, or just less waste that big fabric or nylon ribbon style bows. I also like that you can make them any color, design, or theme to match your gifts or presents!

These bows are not only ideal for embellishing gifts, but can be used on buntings, place settings, wall decorations, cards, or wall art.


  • Start with a perfect square (size depends on bow size)
  • Use a paper that you like. Not too heavy or flimsy
  • Crease tightly
  • Do not cut all the way through paper when shaping the “ties”
  • Trim shorter “tie” different lengths for different looks
  • Iron final bow to keep it crisp and together
  • Seal, stamp, distress, or other embellishing for a unique look
  • Try using wrapping paper for bows!


Another paper bow idea

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