Tiny Leather Journal

Hi Guys! Welcome back! I have started playing around with water colors and other fun mediums. For this project I wanted a fun little watercolor journal I could take with me. You can fill it with watercolor paper, drawing paper, lined paper, or recycled paper you have lying around for notes! Get creative and make it your own!

I also really liked the embossed look for this journal. If you have embossing tools, use what you have, or don’t emboss it at all.

Lastly, not all people have random scraps of leather lying around. If you have an old piece of clothing or furniture that is going to be tossed or donated, you can cut it up from there, or use fabrics, papers and card stocks! For flimsier materials, be sure to add an extra cardstock or stiff layer, as we did in this video, to ensure the journal closure works well.

Supplies you will need:

  • Journal template (download below)
  • Leather, fabric, or cardstock for cover
  • Watercolor paper or other paper of your choice to fill
  • Elastic strips with barbs or toggles
  • Small hole punch or similar
  • Fusible web
  • Heavy paper for inside cover
  • Carbon paper for tracing pattern
  • Scissors and craft knife
  • Perforating tool (optional)
  • Embossing tools (optional)
  • Sanding block or paper (optional)

Or purchase a precut leather cover

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