Travel Watercolor Journal

A fun and easy project!

You can make this into any type of journal you would like. I really wanted to make mine into a watercolor journal, so I used watercolor paper and a fun watercolor decoupage paper for the cover.


  • Download the template and follow the dimensions. Use a paper cutter and score board if you have them
  • Use gel medium or your favorite decoupage medium
  • Get the decoupage paper slightly wet before applying to reduce wrinkles
  • Use plastic to smooth the decoupaged paper to reduce wrinkles and prevent ripping
  • Fold the cover at the crease while the decoupage medium is still wet to reduce paper tearing
  • Use an awl or similar pokey tool to reduce hole size and prevent tearing
  • Try different types of paper signatures and different sizes of signatures (more or fewer pages per signature)
  • Use sting, wire, or plain wrapped elastic if you need to substitute elastic with barbs


  • Cardstock
  • Decoupage medium (I used a gel medium)
  • Decoupage paper for the outer and inner cover
  • Watercolor paper or other paper for the inside signatures
  • An awl or other pokey tool
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