The Home Book

I was lucky and got this wonderful vintage book. Because I wanted to use it and share it, and also keep it I decided to digitize the entire thing!

I added a few sample pages to our Freebies page. If you already have access to our digital library. we added a few additional pages there as well.

For the entire digitized book (700+ pages total!) we have them available on USB flash drives. Each page has been scanned in with high resolution (600 DPI) and available as a single jpg file on the drive.

Entire digitized The Home Book

This book is full of so many fun pages! Drawings and art, stories, information, activities, music, maps, Bible stories, knowledge and so very much!

Whether you want to use an entire page for a scrapbooking project, print and bind the book for yourself or a gift, or use the neat artwork in frames- the possibilities are endless.

Freebies and Downloads page
Digital Library access
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