Panoramic View

What I used for this up-cycled project:

Some old jars I had lying around. Really you could use almost anything.

I used my DIY paint. Though you could use any paints for the base layer, DIY or similar style paints will wipe back easier for the top coat.

I used my new IOD Frames mould and air-dry clay. You could also try using a Trimmings mould and piecing it into a frame! This would also allow for more customization for your lantern and the jar you use.

I used my Roycycled Christmas Project Blocks B paper. You could use your favorite image or even a scrap from a previous project that is just big enough for your jar!

There are so many ways you could use up what you already have to create this fun project.

For lighting you can use LED lights, small flash lights, night lights, flicker lights, or tea lights. It depends on your jar and what direction you place it how you add your lighting.

Some Supplies Used

Christmas projects B
Decoupage Papers
Old School
DIY Paints etc.

If a Little is Good…

I am going through my shop again and cleaning some stuff out to make room for new stuff! To expedite moving some of this stuff, I am selling it in bulk. This is ideal for someone who sells or who does a lot of the same thing, or who really just loves one of the items I am selling!

Check out our new Bulk Item Sale area of the shop.

Over 800 flash cards
So Much Stuff!

What a Wonderful World!

It took us long enough to get this video complete! I used two different stencils and some fun patterned paper. For embellishing I used distressing ink and texture paste. Even if you don’t have or get these stencils, you can take images or stencils you do have and use the same concept for your own unique buntings!

Fun 11×17 papers
Man in the moon stencil
Man in the Moon Stencil
Euro Stencil Designs    And I think to myself What a Wonderful image 1
sari silk #2
Sari Silk

Face to Face

Some fun projects with my new IOD Cameos mould. [Videos @ End]

Cameos Mould
air dry clay
Air Dry Clay
DIY Paint

For the pendants, I also added some Glossy Accents after the sealer dried and it made it really stand out. Try a gloss sealer for a more vibrant look.

You can use almost any small image mould you have for this project. I just happened to be playing with my new IOD Cameos mould. You can also try using a variety of substitute empty pendants. Some ideas are empty watch faces, bottle caps, or other small empty items. Use what you have around! For the bottom layer of paint, you can use any paint! For the top layer, I prefer DIY paint because it seems a lot easier to wipe back, but try to experiment with what you have and see what works for you!

Metal Book Plate /catalogue file label holder
Meta Frames
1 3/4" gun metal pendant
Glue, Glossy Accents, and more supplies

Fun fall IOD release

It is OFFICIALLY Fall. The new IOD stamp and mould release is here and I show you some fun ideas with them. The Fruitful Harvest stamp is very versatile, and you can use it for many of the projects we have done in the past, giving them a new autumn feel!

Fall Stamps

Fruitful Harvest Stamp
Fruitful Harvest Stamp
Textures Stamp

Moulds & Transfer

Frames Mould
Cameo Mould

Brocante Transfer

Fun Ideas with the New Fall release

Now Selling DIY Paint

I use different paints for different projects and I always say use what you have! But recently I have been using DIY Paints and pigments for a lot of projects because of the unique qualities this paint has (and some of the colors I really like).

Although I wasn’t going to sell paint, here I am now selling DIY paint! I already use it, so why not.

Here are some projects that I have done using DIY products, and certainly more will be coming!’

Buy Online

Some Fall Goodness

It is officially fall and we are anxiously waiting to release our new-release videos! In the mean time we wanted to look back for some inspiration from last fall!

Supplies & Products

11×17 papers (pg 3)
Textured Floral right
Decoupage papers
Fabric Pumpkins Kit

It’s a Carnival Wheel

I love vintage fun stuff! Circus, children’s toys, and this carnival wheel stencil! In this video we use the stencil on a wood round and add some transfers and other stencils.

You can use a single background color or several as we did on this project. Take the finished project and turn it into a real spinner by drilling a small hole in the center and adding the spin arrow. Turn it into a fun clock by adding a pre-made clockwork. Add a fun hook to the center, or handles to the side. Place a riser below it and make it into a stand. The possibilities are endless!

What we used for these projects:

Click on the supply items to be linked to where they may be purchased.

wood circle charger
Wood Round
Euro Stencil Designs    And I think to myself What a Wonderful image 0
IOD Explorations Transfer

The items to the LEFT were used for this project.

First I base coated with one of my inside colors (white). Then I laid the stencil over the center and drew in the pie slice lines. I painted in the remaining circle slice colors. Then I laid the mask over the center and painted a tan boarder. Next, I placed the carnival wheel stencil over the center and used black paint. Last, I used another stencil and my IOD transfers (letter from Explorations) for the boarder.

The items to the RIGHT were used for this version of the project.

I used a gold color for the base coat, then masked off the center and painted a dark blue/gray boarder. Then I laid the stencil over the center and used a dark red paint. I used this Roycycled stencil around the edges with a black chalk paste.

Euro Stencil Designs  Vintage carnival Game board  12x12 image 0
Roycycled Official Guide Mesh Stencil

Easy Paper Stocking Box

Why I like this project:

It is easy, fast and fun.

Your stocking boxes can be decorated however you want!

They are inexpensive to make!

They actually sit on a ledge!

You can use them for little gifts or advents!

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