Large Paper Sunflower

Fall is around the corner! Kids are going back to school and Trick-or-Treat candy has popped up in the grocery store WAY too early! But for us makers, it is a great time to start creating for fall.

Directions (see video for detail)

  • Select 8.5″ x 11″ paper that is easy to work with
  • Color the paper or use pre-colored paper (brown and gold)
  • Trim inner papers (brown) shorter for a smaller flower center [try 7.5″ x 11″]
  • Use 3-5 sheets of each color, depending on how wide you want that color/section
  • Fold papers length wise (11″ long) and fringe from the FOLDED end toward the OPEN end.
  • Leave about 1/4 to 1/2 inch uncut across the length
  • Open all cut papers and iron flat
  • Centers [brown]: Adhere long edges slightly off center (about an inch)
  • Petals [gold]: Adhere long edges flush
  • Roll and adhere centers one after the other
  • Roll and adhere petals after centers
  • Add a secure backing

Other tips & ideas

  • Try different sizes and numbers of papers
  • Try using different colors
  • Try to ink, paint, or color papers in different ways
  • Try fringe strips that are thinner or wider
  • Try different types of papers
  • Use your favorite quick-drying, strong adhesive
  • Use your flowers on sticks, in a bowl, as table décor, on a wall, to add dimension to a piece of art, as a bunting, on a sign, in a window, or anyplace you can think of!
  • Change the colors for different seasons

Video Tutorial

Just wanted to let you know we will be closed Wednesday August 3rd- Tuesday August 9th. I will out of town

Girl Journals

This is another fun way to cover a book or journal. I have covered a blank book cover that I can bind with a fresh book, and in this video we covered old IKEA books with fun images inside. I will probably paint some of the pages with a gesso and write or decoupage something in mine as a journal. Or I may add pockets to the pages to fill. Whatever YOU do, have fun!


  • Paint book cover surface a light color to enhance the decoupage image.
  • Cut and piece your favorite decoupage image onto your paint foundation.
  • Mask off shapes with low-tack tape for word boxes.
  • Paint and outline word boxes for neat contrast. **Try different color paints and outline colors. Try markers, pens, pencils or other media to outline your word boxes.
  • Write, transfer, stamp fun words into the word boxes.
  • Seal your project.

Word Boxes

  • Mask off area with LOW TACK tap
  • Use the straight side for the inside of the shape if your rip it thinner
  • Use a dry-brush technique so paint does not bleed through
  • Try different complimenting or contrasting colors for the box background
  • Immediately tear up tape one painted
  • Once dry outline for effect
  • Use a high contrast (such as black or white, depending on your project) marker or colored pencil
  • Try paint, paint pens, Sharpies, or any number of mediums for the box outline
  • Use a straight edge to ensure straight outlines are drawn
  • Use transfer scraps, pen, stamp or other mediums to place words in the finished boxes

I used these new Roycycled papers, but you can use which ever papers are your favorite, or mix and match scraps you already have!

Cori’s Girls
The Ladies

Fun little orbs

Look at these fun little paper orbs! You can get creative with these decorative balls around your home, event, or business! Try using different patterns, styles, and colors of paper to create something amazing! Don’t forget to download the FREE TEMPLATE below.

These are easier than they look, so download the template and give them a try!

  • Add glitter or use metallic paper for the holidays
  • Try mixing and matching paper types/colors
  • String them for a fun garland
  • Hang them from the ceiling
  • Fill a bowl for your home, changing the colors with the seasons
  • Use them as place settings
  • Place them over between or over (for lighter weight/color paper) stringed lights

Free Template>

New Roycyled Christmas 22 Projects

Check out the new Roycycled Treasures decoupage papers!

Steps &Tips

  • Use a stiff and sturdy fabric base
  • Decoupage the paper onto the front fabric base
  • Trace around the shape leaving room for a box bottom
  • Trace around the shape leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance
  • Stitch or sew around the shape more than once if needed. Use a tight straight stitch to allow for trimming
  • Stitch 1/4 inch from image
  • Trim around stitching carefully
  • Slit around hem, being careful not to cut through stitches. Focus on curved areas
  • Box bottom: 2-3 inches
  • Carefully turn inside out. Use tool to smooth out edges
  • Begin stuffing, then begin stitching back to stuff more

Christmas in July- New Royce

Hi guys! What are we going to do today? Today I am going to show you a fun Advent project with one of Roycycled Treasures new Christmas 2022 papers. I have more projects to be released soon- so stay tuned!

This particular project I use this fun paper full of gifts. The fact that there are so many of them means you can make a lot of something! Cut them out and add them to tags, place settings, ornaments, or… make a fun and festive Advent calendar!

I used coin envelopes and clothes pins to create my advent board. You can use any envelope, bag, or container you already have. I like the small clothes pins because they work like hooks. But you can also use them to clip your gift on!

New Roycycled Treasures Paper

Blue tissue paper
Roycycled Gifts paper

Decoupaged Desk

Can you spot the different papers and products I used to make this simple desk a fun piece for my office?

Decoupage papers & transfers. I also used my favorite decoupage medium and Minwax poly-acrylic.


  • Take any clean, smooth furniture surface
  • Decoupage a little at a time for large pieces
  • Sand excess off edges when dry
  • Seal well
  • Create space for transfers and other images

Tile/Picture/Folder Kit Projects

Box Tile / Picture / Folder Kit

< Purchase limited edition kit while supplies last

Techniques used in Video 1

  • Wipe-back method
  • Chalk paste with stencil for dimension
  • Printed images
  • Decoupage
  • Peal back layer on corrugated board
  • Antiquing
  • Seal

Video 1: Tiles

Techniques used in Video 2

  • Decoupage
  • Cutting and Trimming
  • Antiquing and distressing
My Favorite Blue Tissue Paper

Video 2 :Folder

Sardines in a Can

This is just a really fun project! Download the template below for both the project templates and fun can images.

You will need:

  • single sided corrugated cardboard
  • rectangular container
  • fish template & labels (see above)
  • paints, inks, stamps, decoupage papers, decorative papers, cardstocks. Use what you have!
Clam box
DIY Paints


Layered Bunting: A Reality Tutorial

This is not just another fun bunting idea- it has several techniques that can be used on countless other projects!

To do this specific project, we have a limited supply of kits available for purchase.

This project is also different because it is our first pilot “Reality Tutorial” where we do a true tutorial with a student on camera. Unlike our short Curious Tutorials that give you a spark or idea and show you a concept and send you on your way to have fun- this tutorial is longer and has more detailed explanations. For this video, the student, Melanie, is a novice for many of the techniques shown, making the video a fun experience to watch!

Technique ideas:

  • Layering bunting sections
  • Creating different textures through decoupage, paint, corrugated paper, chalk paste, salt wash, & more.
  • Paint blending “Double dipping”
  • Wipe-back method using a top layer of DIY paint
  • Different methods to attach bunting sections
  • Different bunting trim materials
  • Using transfers
  • distress and antiquing methods

Limited supply of Kits.

3 Yard Bunting Kit

Products (if you don’t get a kit)

Tissue paper