Soldered Glass Pendant

Soldering is not very difficult. The more you practice, the better you will become. In this tutorial you can become confident in trying out the basics.

What you will need

  • Glass (I used microscope slides)
  • Paper, transfers, or other designs or images
  • Copper tape
  • Solder
  • Soldering iron
  • Flux
  • Clips for holding
  • Jump ring
  • Chord, chain, ribbon for hanging. I used sari silk.

Once you learn how to do this, get creative! Try putting dried flowers or other thin items between the glass. Take metal charms and solder them to the metal frame. Try using copper tape on other projects to add metal.

Farm Window

A fun Farm Window! You can do the same idea on a flat board or other surface, but I like the dimension of the window. If you have a double pane or thicker glass, the dimension would be even more defined.

I used my Roycycled papers, IOD texture stamps, and DIY paints to complete this project along with decoupage medium, book paper, and a window.

Embellish the top with transfer scraps, decoupage scraps, stencils, or whatever you have! I pieced together the words THE FARM on my first window from transfer scraps. I used a fun stencil and a paste for the second.

Roycycled Decoupage Papers

Fall Farm
Fall Farm
Farm Animals
Farm Animals

Other Products


Video Tutorial

Metal Trim Crown

Make this fun custom crown, or any you come up with! I used this metal trip, but you can use any pattern metal trim, or other material trims that you are able to cut apart.

Due to the material of the trim I used, I found that a two-part epoxy worked best to adhere pieces together. Hot glue also worked. Try different adhesives to see what works for you! Another option is wire, screws, or brads. Did you try this project? What worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Since this metal trim has fun texture and designs, I used the wipe-back method using my DIY paints.

Depending on the trim you have access to, or the patterns you find, you can create your own unique crown design. Piece and part it together for a dimensional look.

Products used

Zinc Plated Metal Ribbon With Open Ovals - 2"    1 yard
Metal trims
DIY paints

My Ticket Box

I made this fun ticket box. Who doesn’t need a box just for tickets? Just in case you do not need a ticket box, there are a lot of ideas for making ephemera and making your next project more vintage looking.

Ephemera Tips

  • Find free vintage images online
  • Try printing on different papers
  • Overlap stamps, transfer and other images
  • Try embossing or stenciling for more dimension
  • Try tapes and other mediums
  • Take new items and age them
  • Photocopy old items to preserve the original
  • Overlap scraps for interest

Vintage / Aging techniques

  • Tear edges
  • Ink edges
  • Use distress ink on top of the image
  • Dark waxes
  • wrinkle/crumple
  • burn edges
  • Spray dies
  • Crackle or texture stamps
3” x 4” heavy paper mache box
Le Courrier
Le Courier Stamp

Add your ephemera to your next project or journal. Use your favorite aging technique, or try a new product or technique on your next vintage project.

Birdie Break

Use any board, any bird image, and any patterned paper. You can really get creative with scraps and whatever you have available with this project!

I like this just as a sign, but you could add hooks, a pocket, a shelf, or so many other ideas to make this part of your tea station!

Video Tutorial Below

Products I used:

Floral Gift Wrap  1 yard
Floral Gift Wrap

Teacup Template Download

Letterpress IOD stamp

Want to make it easier? Paint the background or use a patterned single sheet of decoupage paper, use contrasting teacup colors, and decoupage words rather than stamping them.


Video Tutorial

Field Journal Cork Board

I was given this old office wall organizer with cork board and wanted to do something fun with it! So I took some of my favorite papers and transfers and combined them to make something spectacular!

There are SO MANY projects I can think of using this combination of transfers, stamps, and papers.

Whatever size or type of cork board you have or find, you can make it amazing with your favorite papers and transfers also! Don’t stop at a bulletin board… you can make custom push pins, clips, notebooks, pen holders, and almost any office accessory!


  • Pick your own style and combine papers and transfers
  • Great project for transfer scraps
  • Use your favorite decoupage medium and sealers
  • Garage sales, thrift store finds
  • Use scraps to tie in other office supplies
  • Have fun!


Decoupage Papers

Roycycled Industrial Masterboard Decoupage Paper
Industrial Master Board
Entomology dictionary page
Entomology Dictionary


Frond Botanical transfer
Entomology ETC. transfer

Fun Textured Bowl

What would YOU do with a box of old dot paper strips from reams of vintage continuous feed printer paper?

Some products we used for this project

DIY Paint for wipe-back method
Rock Hard Top Coat from our friends @ Funkiture


  • Try using different widths of paper strips
  • Find continuous paper and cut into strips
  • Use colored paper, magazine paper, or junk mail
  • Try different adhesives and mediums
  • Try different sizes and shapes for your bowl.
  • Use matte or gloss finish for different looks
  • Try embellishing with buttons, jewels, ribbons, transfers, and more
  • Turn upside down and use the hole for a lamp cord- make into a lamp shade
  • Make different sizes and turn into a tiered piece
  • Turn upside down and add a handle as a shew fly or cover


  • If you have a quilling tool, it is easier to keep the paper strips together
  • Use the smallest size skewer or stick to wrap around. The size of the stick will be the size of the hole
  • Use a little light adhesive to keep paper wrapped on stick until you are finished. You should be able to slide the wrapped paper off the stick without ruining your wrap.
  • Use a thicker medium that will not dry too quickly before trying to shape the wrap. It should be tacky and hold without being hard.
  • SLOWLY and CAREFULLY shape the wrap over a bowl. Do not let the layers completely separate
  • Use a heavier-grade medium to seal the bowl and hold it in shape.
  • Seal as many times as it takes-inside and out- to keep bowl form.
  • Let the sealer dry between stages!
  • DIY and other clay-based paints are best if you want to do the wipe-back method.

Sitting Fashion Girls & More

Video @ Bottom of page


  • Use any standing image
  • Fold at hips and knees (natural bend points)
  • Try different sizes
  • Use in different ways
  • Try embellishing!

You can use these sitting cutouts to decorate your mantel, use for place setting, or to decorate a party or event. They could have little gifts or treats sitting on their laps, or holding a guest’s name or food name. Get creative!

Image ideas

Tussie Mussie

I was challenged to make a tussie mussie with IOD inlays. Since I have several old metal funnels around, I thought that would be the perfect base! You can use a metal or plastic funnel for this project. They are inexpensive to buy and come in many sizes, but chances are you have an old one lying around too!

I wanted a softer look, so I added a fun gathered fabric to m tussie mussie. This was the perfect way to incorporate the paint inlays as well. You could just apply the paint inlay onto the funnel with wet paint if you prefer.

Products I Used

rose chintz paint inlay
Paint inlay (not to be confused with transfers)
Sari Silk
DIY paints
Trimmings 1
IOD Moulds & Clay

Alternative ideas

  • Use a plastic funnel or metal funnel
  • Use the funnel surface for paint inlays instead of fabric
  • Us a patterned fabric instead of painted, inlay fabric
  • Use any ribbon, chains, or charms for the bottom of the tussie mussie
  • Use real, fresh, dried, or synthetic flowers. Or try paper or other bouquets!
  • Try different trimmings moulds, embellishment moulds, or no mould at all
  • Mix up which colors you use
  • Try different wipe-back layer colors
  • Use one solid color of paint rather than wiping back for accent
  • Use a colored clay instead of painting it

Video Tutorial

Peat Baskets

Peat pots are fairly inexpensive and easy to find this time of year! I have used round pots in the past, but for this project I wanted to use these cute little square pots.


  • DIY Frosting drops thicken the paint
  • The more drops and/or the more time the drops set, the thicker the paint
  • Paint should not be paste thick, but thicker than regular paint.
  • Transfers adhere easily to paper
  • Any surface that can be decoupaged can get a “paper” transfer
  • Difficult to transfer surfaces can have transfers adhered by decoupaging transferred paper
  • Peat pots are soft and easy to work with. Modify with embellishments and handles.
  • Be sure to seal the peat pot to keep the decorations intact.
  • To use as biodegradable planters, modify your embellishments to biodegradable mediums

Products I used in this project

Ephemeral Melange IOD Transfer 8x12 Pad
IOD Ephemeral Melange Transfer
DIY Paint Frosting
DIY Frosting Drops (& paint)
Texture Stamp