Theater Class is now available!

The full Theater Class is ready to access! Learn step-by-step in near-real time to complete a fun and dynamic project. Once you have the basic concepts you can customize the templates and ideas to any theme.

The course includes nearly 3 hours of educational content broken into 7 sessions. All template downloads are in the course content area, along with a supplies list. Kits with supplies sold separately (limited supply).

The course is included with the kit, free of charge.

Nautical Theater Box

I made this theater box using several nautical images and themes. You could use it as a stand-alone project, or add a small hole to the bottom and add a light. Once you understand the concept you could create any number of theater boxes in any color scheme or theme.

There is a class preview below with all the primary information you will need to complete this project. A full-length course is coming soon that is easier to follow in real-time and has more tips and info.

You can also purchase the kit with the supplies to create the same nautical-themed theater seen in the class preview video.

Project Supply List

  • 90lb card stock
  • 50pt chipboard
  • Nautical papers
  • Heavy black card stock
  • 3/8” thick foam board
  • 1/4” double stick tape
  • ½ “ double stick tape
  • Printed templates
  • Carbon paper
  • White paint
  • Gray paint
  • Decoupage medium
  • Small metal frame (optional)
  • Cutting mat
  • Exacto (craft knife)
  • small paint brushes
  • metal straight edge
  • scissors,
  • hot glue,
  • pencil,
  • distressing ink , and other crackle or distress stamps if desired

Daisy Chain Stitch Pocket

Download the free template for the whimsical botanical design and a daisy chain stitch diagram.

We also used one of our fun Monahan aged papers for this project.

I just took an old book and decoupaged the cover. I plan to fill and modify the pages later. But you could also cover a journal or photo album.

Star, Snowflake Stitch

A fun way to easily spruce up your Christmas décor!


  • Draw square grid to the size you prefer
  • Do straight stitch diagonally across the grid. Top stitch across the square, behind stitch across the grid joint.
  • Do opposite diagonal through squares across grid
  • Do straight running stitch horizontally through middle of X that is half way between the grid line and the center of the X
  • Do straight running stitch vertically through X half way between the grid line and center of X

Paper Bulbs

These ornament bulbs can be used on a tree, hung from anywhere, or strung in a row. Customize them by using different papers, different shape templates, and different sizes!

Template Downloads


  • Decide your template, print/cut/etc.
  • Select your paper (20 sheets)
  • If painting/stamping do that first
  • *If stamping, follow video directions (cut first)
  • Fold paper in half
  • Place template on fold line
  • Trace and cut 20
  • Unfold each page. Glue center line and re-fold
  • Glue top and bottom lines over folded papers. Stack and attach.
  • After glue sets, add hanger on spine
  • Glue the top and bottom lines for front and back papers, wrapping around and attaching
  • Embellish as you like with glitter, beads, tassels

    Glass, Paint, and Paper

    One of the best parts of this project is that you could use it to place food on! You can make a custom glass food tray for charcuterie, cookies, and more! Another great aspect to this board is that it shows a lot of dimension and is easy to do!

    You can use any combination of stencils, stamps, and papers you want, but here are the items I used for this project. Get creative and blend your paint colors, use different colored embossing power, or even cut decoupage paper to size and decoupage behind the different elements!


    Roycycled Bushel Basket Stencil
    IOD Sunflowers Stamp
    Roycycled Rivets decoupage paper
    IOD Fruitful Harvest Stamp


    • Use a sturdy glass that will not break easily
    • Clean the glass before working with it
    • Use extra fine embossing powder to reduce heat time
    • Work in a climate controlled area (do not heat cold glass)
    • Hold your stencil or stamp steady when applying watermark ink to glass. If it smears wipe clean and start over
    • Reuse your excess embossing powder. Have paper under your project to collect it.
    • Wait for embossing to cool before beginning next element
    • Emboss one element at a time for best results.
    • Mask off previously embossed areas
    • Emboss “front” element first, working your way “back”
    • Paint over the entire embossed element on the back. No need to stay within the detail lines
    • Protect the back with sealer and additional paper, paint, or protective layer
    • Try adding feet, sides, or handles for a more ornate tray!

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    Fun with Foil & Resin

    This project has a fun 3D effect, coated with a solid resin to hold it in shape. It is fairly easy and fun to do.


    • Use a stamp with some detail- but not too much inner detail (large leaves, butterflies, simple flowers, etc.)
    • Use aluminum foil
    • Apply pressure to the stamp on the foil either with a hammer on a soft surface or through an embossing machine.
    • Wrap foil loosely in the embossing machine to prevent tearing
    • Be gentle with embossed foil
    • Apply with a generous amount of adhesive to fill in the embossed texture
    • Paint, seal, paint with DIY, wipe back. Use unique contrasting colors for base and accent coat.
    • Let dry between each step, and be gentle on the embossed areas
    • Add decoupage paper. The paper will become partly translucent in the resin
    • Build a sturdy reservoir for the resin using tape
    • Mix resin 50/50 and mix very well
    • Spread evenly and let set over night on a flat surface
    • Carefully remove tape reservoir and sand away any excess

    Products used

    Fruitful Harvest Stamp
    Decoupage papers
    DIY Paints

    Ice Resin can be purchased at most craft stores or online.

    Fall Art

    Whenever I find random items in my garage or a garage sale I like to see what I can do with them. For this project I use a mesh joint tape to add some fun texture to the board. For the bigger board I doubled the tape for a thicker frame. You could also slice the tape in half lengthwise for thinner frames.

    The paper I used was Roycycled Treasures Fall Pumpkins. There are so many large and small pieces on this paper that you could make several projects with just one sheet! I made a large art board, a small art board, and still have scraps left over for another project.

    Fall Pumpkins Paper

    Paper Birds

    This project is a combination of several recent products, projects, and videos I have done recently, plus a little three-dimensional fun! In the most recent video, learn how to make one of these 3D birds, and add it to a cloche board or anything you have! Tips, template, and tutorial below!


    • Print on sturdy paper
    • Print the water color template on white, or the outline on book, patterned, plain, or watercolor paper
    • Decorate, paint, or color your bird if you print the plain outline on plan paper. If you like it, make a copy onto plain white paper and make duplicates!
    • Cut out the 3 pieces
    • Cut the additional slits and tabs
    • Put together the head first
    • Add the front and back
    • Attach as per video
    • Use card stock or chip board strips to reinforce the legs and feet
    • Add to any project, or set up in a fun place!
    Make it your own!

    Cloche bird project

    • Fall board from Dollar Tree
    • Roycycled paper
    • Roycycled cloche stencil
    • A piece of scrap wood for a ledge
    • Metal trim, painted and distressed
    • 3D paper bird

    Free Templates

    Water Color Bird Template
    Bird Outline Template

    Projects & Ideas to make Bird Cloche Board

    Products for Bird Cloche Board

    Christmas Projects B
    Metal Trim
    DIY Paints
    Cloche Stencil

    Bird Tutorial