Stenciling a Curvy Lady

For this project I used a really fun sewing stencil with great detail. I got it from one of my favorite stencil companies, EuroStencilDesigns.

You can do the same thing with your favorite stencil you have on hand. Try other curvy surfaces, such as a vase or piece of furniture.

The trick is to be slow, patient, and keep your stencil tight on the small surface area you are working on. Carefully re-align it as you go. For best results use an up-&-down dry brush technique to keep the paint from seeping under the stencil around your curves.

Liquid Erasable Chalk Stenciling

We also re-did this fun blackboard using chalkboard paint and another stencil.

For this, we used erasable chalk ink. Erasable chalk ink is fun because with a little water, you can erase it and do something new, but it is better than chalk since it does not smudge and rub off without water.

I really like using the ink for stamping and stenciling fun pictures and words onto my blackboards.

Liquid Erasable white chalk ink
Liquid Erasable Chalk Ink
Blank Stamp Pad

Spring Cement

We finally got a week of warm spring weather! I used the time to try some fun projects with cement


Quikrete is pretty cheap at a hardware store.

I did a stamped garden sign using IOD Floral Swag. If you don’t have this stamp, use your favorite stamp you have on hand!

I also took some ordinary terracotta pots and made them into wonderful grungy garden pots.

Watch the videos below!

Products we used and carry:

Floral Swag Stamp
Floral Swags stamp
Classic Pots
Classic Pots transfers

Grungy French Garden Pot

Seed Journal

Using 8 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, make this fun little book of pockets!

Use your favorite designed paper, or other neat embellishments.

Need some fun products for your seed journal?

Ephemera Collage
Wander Transfer

Eggstra Sized

It is almost Easter, but I have already moved on to crafting for summer! I combined the two and ended up with patriotic eggs.

In this video I show you how I decoupage paper-mache eggs with fewer wrinkles and bubbles. You can use the same concept on other egg shaped or round objects.


Industrial project blocks
Decoupage Papers
6” paper mache egg
Papermache Eggs

Easters Past

Last year we did several Easter projects in anticipation for spring. This week we were hit with a sever winter storm! We still plan to get a couple videos up later this week, but while you wait, visit these projects from Easters past.

Better than Cardboard Boxes

I really like using these white cardboard boxes for storing my many papers. I have SO MANY of them that I finally decided they needed an upgrade so they looked better in my shop.

You can use the same concept with other cardboard boxes in your space! Use what you have on hand to make this quick and easy upgrade to your crafting space or area. If you need some inspiration or are interested in the products I used for my boxes, click the images below.

Barnwood Planks Stamp
Industrial project blocks

A little Shadow Box

A fun way to up cycle your old CD cases! We used IOD moulds and air dry clay. Plus some fun waxes and paper.

Use what you have, or pick up a few items to make yours fun.

trimmings 2
5 Yards  Sari silk ribbon
12 x 12 cardstock CS1

Pop Up Garden

I used some of my floral papers for this paper pop up garden, and utilized the extra pieces for the rest of the card. Use whatever prints, images, or paper you have handy. You can experiment with different petal shapes too!

Upcoming May Event

Join us this May!

We had a lot of fun last October at our Customer Appreciation event. Our next event is May 14-16, 2021 (Friday-Sunday) at Curious Farms Market.

Saturday and Sunday will be scheduled all-day (no pop-ins and pop-outs please). If you came in October, you know how busy we are!

The tentative schedule: (More info to come!)

Friday, May 14- Reception, welcome, socialize, food & drink :1pm – 6pm

Saturday, May 15- Big project plus activities & time to socialize and shop: 9am – 5 pm

Sunday, May 14- Big project plus activities & time to socialize & shop: 9am – 5pm

It is important to us to make this event special and have the supplies we need for those committed to come. For that reason:

*Only those who have RSVP ed will be admitted, no exceptions.

*A non-refundable $5 reservation will be required. But we will give you a $5 gift certificate to use in the shop while you are here!

RSVP Closed! Event is FULL

Travel Info

War Era Open Letter

I learned that in WW2 soldiers had to allow their letters to be read by superiors, and due to paper shortages, they did not have envelopes. The Soviets used this pattern for their personal correspondence.

I really like that I can decorate it in a cute way and duplicate it to send out to all my friends!

Bellow are the pre-designed templates for a bear and bunny triangle letter.

Or watch the video and make up some designs of your own!