Wall Pockets

Here is a fun way to recycle clam shell boxes! I made these little hanging wall pockets, but I also liked them as place settings. I used IOD moulds, air-dry clay and some paint to decorate. Get creative and decorate yours with a mix of colors, styles, and themes!

Another idea: see what type of containers you can find around your house to use as pockets on your hanging pocket!

We also carry several of the products used in this video if you want to make it simple.

3” x 4” heavy paper mache box
Wall Pocket Kit (makes 4)

Fun stuff for Fun Making

For this project I used my carton clam shell kits and square plastic cups. Ideas for you to try with what you have:

Altoids tins, advertising magnets with glue or tape, any small plastic caps (glue stick, chapstick, bottle caps, etc.) or old small toys (Lego’s, game board pieces, Monopoly houses? Or small plastic packaging.) Also, we used the round metal ends from frozen juice cans for a pallet, but you can use it for your metal base if you use a round container! Get creative and use what you find around your house.

Some stuff you might want:

Small artist box kit
Mimi-magnetic art box kit
Box with latch kit ( makes 2)
2x carton kits

Clam shell decorating ideas

Pinterest links for fun stuff and images

Prairie boots

I love primitive. I made these prairie boots, then I made a lot more, just for fun. I think it would be fun to do them up in different colors, like white for Christmas and fill them with different seasonal drieds and embellishments.

Here is the template I use for my prairie boots. You can modify it to your liking. Interested in the cage girl stamp? Find out more here: Cage Girl.

Gelli printing anyone?

I spent days trying to figure out how to get a good image transfer and then testing out fun ways to use my gelli plate! Watch for some ideas and tips. One fun thing about using gelli prints is all you need after you get the plate is acrylic paints! Anyone can find lots of colors inexpensively almost anywhere.

I put a link in A Few of My Favorite Things for where I got my gelli plate. There are several size options to choose from.

Try out different techniques, lengths of wait time, paint thickness to see what works best for you!

Don’t forget, you can share your gelli print images in the comments below!

But whatever you do— Have Fun!

Santos Cage Girl

I am having so much fun with my new stamp! In the video I show off some of the projects I have done, and we put together a stamped girl with watercolor and transfers.

You can use the same concept from the video with your favorite stamps and transfers! Paint, layer, cut, and make your image flow.

Interested in the Santos Cage girl stamp? This is where I got mine: HERE

Crock Stencil

Crock Stencil Template
Crock Stencil

We also have the small crock stencil for sale in our online shop.

I had an old window and thought it looked a little like a shelf with old crocks on it when I used this stencil and my IOD crock stamps. Try this same technique with a stencil of your choice! Or download the template above and cut your own crock stencil.

Crockery Stamp
IOD Crockery Stamp

I topped my crocks with an IOD crockery stamp for fun. Whatever stencil you use, find a fun stamp to layer over it. I used black ink, but you can also use paint. Get creative!

For the Love of SO MANY Books

Over the years I have made so many different journals and books because I love books and paper! Here we have put together some of our favorite book making videos. Get some ideas and make your own custom bound journal or book.

Are You Game?

A fun and good looking way to play! You can take this concept and customize it to your decor or interest. Make the board bigger or smaller, and so much more! Watch the video for instructions.

Take your favorite transfer (or stamp or stencil!) to decorate a custom checkerboard for your favorite room.

If you have an IOD transfer, use the transfer grid to easily make the checkerboard stencil! Want it bigger? Try 1.5 inches with 3×3 square holes.

English toile

After you make your own checkerboard, take a picture and share it with us in the comments below!

A Little Exploration

There are so many fun ways to use this transfer!

Even if you have another transfer or large paper with many small elements, you can use them to embellish so many things and tie a whole area together!

Watch the videos below for some fun ideas.


Black & White Sprigs

Hello all! I used my new IOD Sprigs stamp, white erasable chalk ink, and a Ball Jar stencil for this project. I put my image on a large piece of black paper, but you could do it on a blackboard, or do the same project with black on white!

Steps, tips, & tricks:

IOD Sprigs Stamp

I used my new IOD sprigs stamp. I liked this stamp for this project because I did not have to mask it! You can use any long, stringy, or wispy stamps you have to do the same concept. You can also substitute the Sprigs stamp with any floral stamp you have, but be sure to mask any fuller areas.

I happened to have this mason jar stencil. I liked the size for this project. You can get one from the same place I did (click image), use another similar stencil you already have, or make your own! Just use a durable, yet thin material, draw out your pattern, use a bade and cut out the pattern of your own stencil design.

Euro Stencil Design ... Mason Jar 12x12 Stencil for burlap image 0
Ball Jar Stencil: Euro Stencil Design
Liquid Erasable white chalk ink
Liquid Erasable Chalk Ink

I used liquid erasable white chalk ink because it is about as vibrant as paint, but can be erased and fixed if I mess up, or on a blackboard if I want to change my images. But you could substitute the liquid erasable chalk ink with with paint or other color inks (on lighter surface).