You did WHAT with Tea Towels?

I love picking up inexpensive items that I find and coming up with ways to use them. One item I have a lot of lying around are packs of tea towels I got from Walmart. they are large, thin woven pieces that can be used in so many ways!

Here are two fun projects with these towels. Looking for fun decoupage paper and more? Visit our shop!

Looking for a snap machine? You can find one here.

Fabric Pumpkin

We made these fabric pumpkins last season and now that school is about to start, fall is on my mind!

The template for the pumpkin panels/parts/sides is below. Watch the video for instructions on how to make these cute fabric pumpkins with whatever fabric you have handy or think will look great.

We also sell a kit with full pattern, fabric, stick, raffia, moss, and tag (everything but the stuffing, thread, and sewing implements).

Click image below to purchase the kit

Fabric Pumpkins Kit
Fabric Pumpkin Kit

“Coat Hangers”

These little paper “coat hangers” are not meant to hang coats! But they are a cute way to display jewelry or package small products you may have for sale. You can also use them for gift cards, business cards, little notes, and more! Just a fun and different project.

You will need to download the template onto card stock. You will also need a bit of strong wire (use your judgement on gauge of wire based on your use). You will also need paint (or use a colored card stock), a straight stamp for boarders (or use a transfer, etc.) and a sealer. Strong tape or sticker is also needed for the wire.

Stamped Paper pockets

Make your own cone shaped paper pockets. Use any image, stamp, or shape to match your style and theme. For directions, watch the video. Template download below.

Have fun making these cute pockets!

Slide Frame Art

Whether you have inherited too many old photo slides, or you stumble upon them at a garage sale, don’t throw out these old relics! They can be used to make amazing art. Find the template for the 9-slide art piece we did recently and watch the video for great ideas!

For the love of paper!

This week we did two videos which involved paper! One was the card stock geo box, which could be used for so many different things around the office, house, event, or craft room! The other was a corner book page marker. Whether you use card stock, paper, or fabric, who doesn’t love a good paper book?

Below you will find the templates for the card stock corner page holder, and the geo boxes in three sizes.

To do the fabric corner page holder, use THREE 5×5 inch squares of fabric and follow the video instructions. For either of these projects, be sure to check out the videos below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you do not already!

Wool Purse

Make your own cute wool handbag, or use any fabric you like! The free pattern/template can be downloaded below. Watch the tutorial video for direction, or for more instructions, you can purchase the kit with full pattern!

We also have the “refill” kit which is just the wool you need for the project.

Wool Purse Kit w/ full instructions and patterns
Wool purse refill kit

Congrats to the Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our 500 YouTube subscriber drawing!

The drawing was completed about lunch time today (May 8th) by a random number generator from all our entrants! We want to thank each of you for your ongoing support and your thoughtful feedback. We will take your comments to heart as we press on toward our next 500 subscribers and make more videos!

Grand Prize: Sally S

Runner up 1: Diane DV

Runner up 2: Christina A

Crock Coaster

Watch the YouTube tutorial on this fun crock coaster! It is a fabric coaster in the shape of a crock, with a fun crockery image stamped on it.

Paper dress

This paper dress is fun to make and looks cute. It could be used as a little pocket if you sewed the bottom, or just used for decoration. Make it a a book mark or anything!