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Tussie Mussie

I was challenged to make a tussie mussie with IOD inlays. Since I have several old metal funnels around, I thought that would be the perfect base! You can use a metal or plastic funnel for this project. They are inexpensive to buy and… Continue Reading “Tussie Mussie”

Advent Announcement

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving together. There are so many things to be thankful for! We are excited to announce that you can open a new advent VIDEO with us each day of Advent. Beginning December 1st until Christmas we will be… Continue Reading “Advent Announcement”

Ribbon Banner

Make this fun banner that is like a large piece of ribbon for Christmas! Imagine using the same concept with different words and embellishments for other occasions- baby showers, weddings, Thanksgiving or other holidays, birthdays…. you get the idea! I liked the LARGE size… Continue Reading “Ribbon Banner”

If a Little is Good…

I am going through my shop again and cleaning some stuff out to make room for new stuff! To expedite moving some of this stuff, I am selling it in bulk. This is ideal for someone who sells or who does a lot of… Continue Reading “If a Little is Good…”

Now Selling DIY Paint

I use different paints for different projects and I always say use what you have! But recently I have been using DIY Paints and pigments for a lot of projects because of the unique qualities this paint has (and some of the colors I… Continue Reading “Now Selling DIY Paint”

Some Fall Goodness

It is officially fall and we are anxiously waiting to release our new-release videos! In the mean time we wanted to look back for some inspiration from last fall! Supplies & Products

Vintage Greenery

Just a quick fun idea!!

Iris Folding

I have been doing Iris folding for a long time! I thought it would be fun to use it on some of my boxes. The bird cutout template and iris folding pattern can be downloaded below! Looking for more iris folding patterns? Check out… Continue Reading “Iris Folding”

Some Fall Goodies

It is still hot out, but Fall is around the corner. For any of you make-it-yourselfers this is the time to start thinking about Autumn projects and decorating. This week I used up more of my Roycycled decoupage paper, some old Christmas ornaments, used… Continue Reading “Some Fall Goodies”

Mixed Media Tray

You can use whatever wood you already have on hand! Do you have an old cutting board, a previously decorated sign you want to up-cycle, or some spare crafting wood? If you don’t have anything lying around, we also carry several blank wood cuts.… Continue Reading “Mixed Media Tray”