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Vintage Greenery

Just a quick fun idea!!

Iris Folding

I have been doing Iris folding for a long time! I thought it would be fun to use it on some of my boxes. The bird cutout template and iris folding pattern can be downloaded below! Looking for more iris folding patterns? Check out… Continue Reading “Iris Folding”

Some Fall Goodies

It is still hot out, but Fall is around the corner. For any of you make-it-yourselfers this is the time to start thinking about Autumn projects and decorating. This week I used up more of my Roycycled decoupage paper, some old Christmas ornaments, used… Continue Reading “Some Fall Goodies”

Mixed Media Tray

You can use whatever wood you already have on hand! Do you have an old cutting board, a previously decorated sign you want to up-cycle, or some spare crafting wood? If you don’t have anything lying around, we also carry several blank wood cuts.… Continue Reading “Mixed Media Tray”

Soak up the Sunflower

Here are two very different projects using my IOD Sunflower products. For the faux broken pottery/china I used the IOD Sunflowers mould, IOD air dry clay, and some other simple items. For fun, try using the burlap technique on different shapes for different projects.… Continue Reading “Soak up the Sunflower”

Girl & Pumpkin Bowl

I am so excited about this new stencil! If you want one, click the image (below) and it will take you to the place I got mine. There are so many fun ideas for this stencil! Even if you DON’T get the stencil- be… Continue Reading “Girl & Pumpkin Bowl”

Little Frozen Charlottes

Who doesn’t love frozen Charlottes? I have been wanting a mold to make my own for a long time! I was SO excited when I found this. I was going to carry them, but figured it would be easier (and more affordable for you)… Continue Reading “Little Frozen Charlottes”

Wall Pockets & Trinket Dish

Here is a fun way to recycle clam shell boxes! I made these little hanging wall pockets, but I also liked them as place settings. I used IOD moulds, air-dry clay and some paint to decorate. Get creative and decorate yours with a mix… Continue Reading “Wall Pockets & Trinket Dish”

Fun stuff for Fun Making

For this project I used my carton clam shell kits and square plastic cups. Ideas for you to try with what you have: Altoids tins, advertising magnets with glue or tape, any small plastic caps (glue stick, chapstick, bottle caps, etc.) or old small… Continue Reading “Fun stuff for Fun Making”

Prairie boots

I love primitive. I made these prairie boots, then I made a lot more, just for fun. I think it would be fun to do them up in different colors, like white for Christmas and fill them with different seasonal drieds and embellishments. Here… Continue Reading “Prairie boots”