Vintage Evelopes

If you have some old sentimental envelopes or postcards, if you find some in your attic or local antique store, or if you just want to download these, you can get creative with real ephemera!

I began by cleaning up the personal information, but you can leave in as much as you want.


  • Scan in old envelopes
  • Use graphics program to remove address or other unwanted elements
  • Print with space around the envelope
  • Cut out a generic envelope template shape around the image
  • Add a paint or ink mask over any elements you did not digitally remove that you want removed
  • Add stamps, paint, transfers, and other fun embellishments to the outside
  • If you do not have your own vintage mail, you can download and use the free templates below!
Envelope Template 1
Envelope Template 2
Envelope Template 3
Envelope Template 4
Envelope Template 5
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