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Clay Rabbit Girl

This little rabbit girl reminded me of spring. But she could hold a number of accessories making her a Valentine rabbit, spring, summer, Easter, or even fall and winter rabbit! I thought she would make a cute pin to wear too. Just glue a… Continue Reading “Clay Rabbit Girl”

Pop-Up Card

You could use these pop-up cards as thanks yous, invitations, or place settings. Try making them with different styles. Library, garden, living room, party setting, school house, museum, or any other place you might find chairs. After making this project, try to come up… Continue Reading “Pop-Up Card”

Stamp Cutting

It is fun to take your own image or idea and turn it into a stamp. Recently I tried cutting stamps from both rubber and linoleum tiles. Both are fairly easy, but there are pros and cons to each material. Start with something simple,… Continue Reading “Stamp Cutting”

Book Paper Bulbs

I am ready for spring! I thought it would be fun to do these bulbs. Try these fun book paper bulbs! (Template below). Once you try these out, you can try to make your own templates and three dimensional items. Modify the size or… Continue Reading “Book Paper Bulbs”

Heart Box

These don’t need to be only for Valentine’s day, make these any time of year for a special person or to decorate with! Fill the boxes with a gift or secret note. Seal them up or keep the tops open. Try adding cording through… Continue Reading “Heart Box”

Advent day 24

It’s Christmas eve! Yay!!! What to use on this paper What to make with this paper Chalk ink / stamps Heat embossing / stamps Texture pastes / stencils Paint Colored ribbons Faux blackboards Gift wrapping Table runners (disposable!) Place settings (disposable!) Big or small… Continue Reading “Advent day 24”

Advent day 23

Wowzers Christmas is just a couple days away! Can you tell I have been busy with my new stencil making machine? A final step for this project would be to seal it with a spray on or brush on sealer. Depending on the image… Continue Reading “Advent day 23”

Advent day 22

Is it Christmas yet? Download the template and try this fun Iris fold. Use fabric and you can skip the folding step. Use different colors. Try using a felt or pom-pom ball for the top of the hat or a fleece cuff at the… Continue Reading “Advent day 22”

Advent day 21

Happy advent day 21! This fun project uses paper scraps and paper wire! Download the template to make this same project, or use the concepts and techniques to design your own creation! For paper wire, visit my Favorite Things

Advent day 20

Welcome to your day 20 advent video! Using colored paper, crayon, watercolor, markers, or any method to color these, you can have fun making these Christmas decorations. After watching the video, print the template, fold on fold likes, and cut. These are much simpler… Continue Reading “Advent day 20”