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Embossed Santa

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1 Paper 1 long garland

Using a single sheet of 11×17 paper I made this 14 foot garland! Find a fun patterned or colored paper, and make your own fun paper garland that can be shaped and molded to your tree, wreath, banisters, or railings. When you are done… Continue Reading “1 Paper 1 long garland”

Which video First?

Fun Little Message Board

I have this fun paper in my shop and really liked the frame on it. You can find any fun paper image with a frame you like and do the same concept! Tip: Use an old board, cutting board, or something you have on… Continue Reading “Fun Little Message Board”

1 Paper, 1 Tree

I used this single paper to decorate a mini Christmas Tree with ‘everything for our for Christmas tree’! I get my paper wire and many of my glues from Amazon. I put them in My Favorite Things. If you ever need to stock up,… Continue Reading “1 Paper, 1 Tree”

Old Crow

Sometimes I find an old product and forgot how much I love it! I had gotten this stencil years ago and when I saw it and the new bird lady paper I got, i knew they belonged together! You should use whatever you have… Continue Reading “Old Crow”

Pumpkin Slice

Using an old quilt and favorite stencil we made these fun multi-purpose mats.

Your Own Pallet

In this post: Stenciled Paint Chip Brush (go to bottom) DIY Pigment projects (below) There are many brands of pigments you can find in art shops or online. I happened to get these DIY pigments and wanted to see some of the fun ways… Continue Reading “Your Own Pallet”


Make a vintage boy ridding his rabbit. Stamp, print and put together.

Stencil, Stamp & Mask- Eggs

A fun way to make your own chalkboards with liquid erasable chalk ink, masks, stencils and stamps