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A Little Fantastic Fanfare

I recently found an old vintage fan and thought it was really neat. I wanted to make my own. The fun thing about these is you can customize them for your event or style, give them out as gifts, or just use them for… Continue Reading “A Little Fantastic Fanfare”

Vintage Kitchen Canister

I used some fun products and an old Christmas popcorn tin to make a vintage kitchen canister look-alike. Tips Use only DRY paint brushes Use non-water-based sealers Seal can before painting to help paint stick Use DIY clay-based paint for top layer of wipe-back… Continue Reading “Vintage Kitchen Canister”

Soldered Glass Pendant

Soldering is not very difficult. The more you practice, the better you will become. In this tutorial you can become confident in trying out the basics. What you will need Glass (I used microscope slides) Paper, transfers, or other designs or images Copper tape… Continue Reading “Soldered Glass Pendant”

Farm Window

A fun Farm Window! You can do the same idea on a flat board or other surface, but I like the dimension of the window. If you have a double pane or thicker glass, the dimension would be even more defined. I used my… Continue Reading “Farm Window”

Metal Trim Crown

Make this fun custom crown, or any you come up with! I used this metal trip, but you can use any pattern metal trim, or other material trims that you are able to cut apart. Due to the material of the trim I used,… Continue Reading “Metal Trim Crown”

My Ticket Box

I made this fun ticket box. Who doesn’t need a box just for tickets? Just in case you do not need a ticket box, there are a lot of ideas for making ephemera and making your next project more vintage looking. Ephemera Tips Find… Continue Reading “My Ticket Box”

Birdie Break

Use any board, any bird image, and any patterned paper. You can really get creative with scraps and whatever you have available with this project! I like this just as a sign, but you could add hooks, a pocket, a shelf, or so many… Continue Reading “Birdie Break”

Field Journal Cork Board

I was given this old office wall organizer with cork board and wanted to do something fun with it! So I took some of my favorite papers and transfers and combined them to make something spectacular! There are SO MANY projects I can think… Continue Reading “Field Journal Cork Board”

Fun Textured Bowl

What would YOU do with a box of old dot paper strips from reams of vintage continuous feed printer paper? Some products we used for this project Ideas Try using different widths of paper strips Find continuous paper and cut into strips Use colored… Continue Reading “Fun Textured Bowl”

Sitting Fashion Girls & More

Video @ Bottom of page Tips Use any standing image Fold at hips and knees (natural bend points) Try different sizes Use in different ways Try embellishing! You can use these sitting cutouts to decorate your mantel, use for place setting, or to decorate… Continue Reading “Sitting Fashion Girls & More”