Old Crow

Sometimes I find an old product and forgot how much I love it! I had gotten this stencil years ago and when I saw it and the new bird lady paper I got, i knew they belonged together!

You should use whatever you have on hand or you can find locally. Thrift shops and garage sales are great places to find old cutting boards and fun papers or images. You can also find many free images online! You probably even have a few stencils (new or forgotten about) that you can use all or part of!

In the spirit of use what you have, you can create a fun custom board for fall. Whether you hang it up to decorate, seal it with a heavy sealer and let it cure, or cover it with glass or plastic and serve goodies on it, the board is sure to be fun to make and look at!

Click the images to the Right if you cannot find one of the supplies on hand or if you just don’t feel like looking.

Olde Crow Coffee  Primitive Stencil 7 mil  Mylar Reusable Free image 0
cutting board style 1


*When painting your board, choose two or more colors that will blend well together.

*While the base coat is still wet, streak in and blend the next color.

*If you have a third color, add that in as well while it is still wet.

*Continue until you get the desired color and effect.


*For a textured look when stenciling, layer colors over each other. Start with one color, then add a contrasting color over the top before removing the stencil.

*Choose the decoupage medium or glue that works well for your surface and paper type

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