My Ticket Box

I made this fun ticket box. Who doesn’t need a box just for tickets? Just in case you do not need a ticket box, there are a lot of ideas for making ephemera and making your next project more vintage looking.

Ephemera Tips

  • Find free vintage images online
  • Try printing on different papers
  • Overlap stamps, transfer and other images
  • Try embossing or stenciling for more dimension
  • Try tapes and other mediums
  • Take new items and age them
  • Photocopy old items to preserve the original
  • Overlap scraps for interest

Vintage / Aging techniques

  • Tear edges
  • Ink edges
  • Use distress ink on top of the image
  • Dark waxes
  • wrinkle/crumple
  • burn edges
  • Spray dies
  • Crackle or texture stamps
3” x 4” heavy paper mache box
Le Courrier
Le Courier Stamp

Add your ephemera to your next project or journal. Use your favorite aging technique, or try a new product or technique on your next vintage project.

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