Metal Trim Crown

Make this fun custom crown, or any you come up with! I used this metal trip, but you can use any pattern metal trim, or other material trims that you are able to cut apart.

Due to the material of the trim I used, I found that a two-part epoxy worked best to adhere pieces together. Hot glue also worked. Try different adhesives to see what works for you! Another option is wire, screws, or brads. Did you try this project? What worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Since this metal trim has fun texture and designs, I used the wipe-back method using my DIY paints.

Depending on the trim you have access to, or the patterns you find, you can create your own unique crown design. Piece and part it together for a dimensional look.

Products used

Zinc Plated Metal Ribbon With Open Ovals - 2"    1 yard
Metal trims
DIY paints