Large Paper Sunflower

Fall is around the corner! Kids are going back to school and Trick-or-Treat candy has popped up in the grocery store WAY too early! But for us makers, it is a great time to start creating for fall.

Directions (see video for detail)

  • Select 8.5″ x 11″ paper that is easy to work with
  • Color the paper or use pre-colored paper (brown and gold)
  • Trim inner papers (brown) shorter for a smaller flower center [try 7.5″ x 11″]
  • Use 3-5 sheets of each color, depending on how wide you want that color/section
  • Fold papers length wise (11″ long) and fringe from the FOLDED end toward the OPEN end.
  • Leave about 1/4 to 1/2 inch uncut across the length
  • Open all cut papers and iron flat
  • Centers [brown]: Adhere long edges slightly off center (about an inch)
  • Petals [gold]: Adhere long edges flush
  • Roll and adhere centers one after the other
  • Roll and adhere petals after centers
  • Add a secure backing

Other tips & ideas

  • Try different sizes and numbers of papers
  • Try using different colors
  • Try to ink, paint, or color papers in different ways
  • Try fringe strips that are thinner or wider
  • Try different types of papers
  • Use your favorite quick-drying, strong adhesive
  • Use your flowers on sticks, in a bowl, as table décor, on a wall, to add dimension to a piece of art, as a bunting, on a sign, in a window, or anyplace you can think of!
  • Change the colors for different seasons

Video Tutorial