A Little Fantastic Fanfare

I recently found an old vintage fan and thought it was really neat. I wanted to make my own. The fun thing about these is you can customize them for your event or style, give them out as gifts, or just use them for fun. I used my Roycycled paper and I can get about 6 fans from one paper. This is fun because they will all be unique, but match. You can use whatever paper style you want, or get creative with paints, stamps, transfers, or whatever you like!

Download the template and print onto white paper or card stock. For added fan weight, adhere onto a heavier medium such as a chip board or additional layer of card stock. You will also need a stick for each fan. I used old slats from a wood shutter, but you can also use paint-stir sticks, long craft sticks, or whatever sticks you have access to that are long and easy to hold.

I used hot glue to adhere my stick, but you could also use heavy tape across the back, staples, or other strong glues. You can add additional paper or paint to the back to cover the stick or a more finished look.

I recommend using a heavy weight sealer (such as a poly-acrylic or the crackle varnish). This will add stability and weight to your fans. A flimsy fan is less effective.

Cowgirl Project Block Decoupage Paper

Fan Kits coming soon!

Crackle Varnish