Trinkets & Treasures Tray

I have a ridiculous amount of these little wood bowls. I have several ideas for them. This is just one. I also happened to have a perfect wood blank handy that happened to be 16 inches! Perfect for my 4 inch bowls!

You can take ANY small container you happen to have a lot of and do a similar project. All you need is a way to attach the containers and a base, such as a tray, sheet pan, wood blank, old cutting board, or frame with back.

Old jars. Plastic containers. Tins.

Depending on the materials of your base and containers, you will want to decide how to attach them.

[Attaching Containers to Base] Try

  • Epoxy
  • Heavy glue
  • Soldiering
  • Screws
  • Magnets
  • Velcro
  • Heavy-duty double-stick tape (for lighter-weight containers)

Use paint, transfers, stamps, decoupage, or any of your favorite decorating techniques to make your trinket tray unique and amazing!

4″ Square Wood Bowls
DIY Paints

Idea Video

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