Stamping on Texture

You can use the technique from this project on almost any item you would like. I used a texture paste for crafts, but you could probably use a hardware store wall texture paste (which is cheaper) in the same way! (like the one pictured below)

Homax Roll-on texture 2-Gallon White Multiple Finishes Wall And Ceiling Texture

Other people have done a similar technique of stamping into texture with salt wash, thickened paint, and other mediums. Get creative and see what is easy for you to get a hold of and try this project!

For the paint technique, you can use any paint you like for the base coat. The trick is to

1) Seal the base coat paint before the wash


2) Use a CLAY-BASED paint for the wash. This is important because it does not stick in the same way as other paints. The pigment can be wiped off easily for the two-tone effect.

Watch the video to see how it is done.

We want to see YOUR finished texture stamp project. Copy/paste your picture in the comments section below.

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Chrysanthemums stamp
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