Stamp Cutting

It is fun to take your own image or idea and turn it into a stamp. Recently I tried cutting stamps from both rubber and linoleum tiles. Both are fairly easy, but there are pros and cons to each material.

Start with something simple, and try to progress to a more detailed stamp. Or start with a simple stamp and add detail as you become more confident!

Lino cutting

  • less expensive
  • cut pieces pop out easily
  • harder surface
  • shallower cuts word well
  • works better for “printing” than “stamping” (lay paper on image and press)

Rubber cutting

  • more expensive
  • smoother to cut through
  • cut pieces must be removed carefully
  • easier to see pencil lines
  • needs deeper cuts
  • good for stamping

What I used

The set I got.

Another option

The smaller cutting tool

Blick Battleship Gray Linoleum, assorted sizes
Where I got my linoleum

Fun images to cut

When cutting out your image, remember that what you cut out will be un-inked white space. The flat areas left on the lino or rubber will be inked and show as the printed/stamped image. You can cut out the shape with scissors to prevent having too much excess background (to ink or carve out)

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