Paper Stars and Baubles

For this project I used a new star fold I learned and used my DIY Golden Ticket patina and mica glitter for shine. I also use my new IOD Baubles mould and some quick-setting resin. You can take pieces of this project tutorial and customize it. Make stars, paint and glitter, use resin in the new Baubles mould… Take the concepts and use your imagination, or do the exact same project!

Whatever you do- have fun!

Products I used:

IOD Baubles mould
DIY Golden Ticket
Sari Silk
Vintage Mica Flakes

Amazing Casting Resin: 5 Minute Cure can be found at any craft store!

IOD Merry & Bright Stamp
IOD Vintage Textures stamp
DIY Paint

Star Steps

  • 8 paper squares (I used 5×5)
  • Crease in half both ways
  • Crease diagonal both ways
  • Fold two corners into center (like paper airplane)
  • Fold in half lengthwise (folded sides in)
  • Push flat end fold into center and flatten
  • Connect all 8 “birds” beaks inside of wings
  • Fold excess “wingtip” into next bird
  • Create octagon frame
  • Side edges inward and out

Star tips

  • Use colored or textured paper rather than painting
  • Try making bigger or smaller stars (use 8 squares any size)
  • Original square size is the size of the star center
  • Add different embellishments


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