Mr. Gingerbread

Whether you make these primitive, polished, or edible, gingerbread men are so much fun!

The two main techniques I used for my gingerbread men were using the Ric-rac for dimension on the edges, and using the wipe-back method with DIY paint and a layer of sealer. But get creative and see what you can come up with!

Products I used:

Summer Crush
DIY paint
air dry clay
Air Dry Clay

For these, since I wanted to use them to decorate, I used air-dry clay. There are so many recipes out there for salt-dough and other mediums you could use. You could also get creative on how to color them. You could use real cinnamon, various paints, inks, colored clay. To add the eyes, buttons, and other shapes, you can search your junk drawers and kitchen for little shapes to press into the clay. Literally use what you have for this project!