Little Frozen Charlottes

Who doesn’t love frozen Charlottes? I have been wanting a mold to make my own for a long time! I was SO excited when I found this. I was going to carry them, but figured it would be easier (and more affordable for you) if I just found a link for you to buy them directly from the source. See some Tips and Tricks on how I used mine in the video below!

Do you also love these little dolls as much as I do? I would love to see what you do with yours! Share a picture in the comments section.

We used ours on a little jar, box tops, matchboxes and clip board. You could put them in a little frame, on a journal cover, on a trinket box, make them into jewelry, and so many more things!

Frozen Charlotte Doll Mold

If you want to get the Frozen Charlotte mold, click the image and it will bring you to the place I purchased mine!

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