It’s a Carnival Wheel

I love vintage fun stuff! Circus, children’s toys, and this carnival wheel stencil! In this video we use the stencil on a wood round and add some transfers and other stencils.

You can use a single background color or several as we did on this project. Take the finished project and turn it into a real spinner by drilling a small hole in the center and adding the spin arrow. Turn it into a fun clock by adding a pre-made clockwork. Add a fun hook to the center, or handles to the side. Place a riser below it and make it into a stand. The possibilities are endless!

What we used for these projects:

Click on the supply items to be linked to where they may be purchased.

wood circle charger
Wood Round
Euro Stencil Designs    And I think to myself What a Wonderful image 0
IOD Explorations Transfer

The items to the LEFT were used for this project.

First I base coated with one of my inside colors (white). Then I laid the stencil over the center and drew in the pie slice lines. I painted in the remaining circle slice colors. Then I laid the mask over the center and painted a tan boarder. Next, I placed the carnival wheel stencil over the center and used black paint. Last, I used another stencil and my IOD transfers (letter from Explorations) for the boarder.

The items to the RIGHT were used for this version of the project.

I used a gold color for the base coat, then masked off the center and painted a dark blue/gray boarder. Then I laid the stencil over the center and used a dark red paint. I used this Roycycled stencil around the edges with a black chalk paste.

Euro Stencil Designs  Vintage carnival Game board  12x12 image 0
Roycycled Official Guide Mesh Stencil
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