Fun Summer Bowl

Last winter we used Quick Cure Clay to make a fun boughs and pine cone bowl. With the new summery sunflower moulds, I made a sunflower bowl in a similar (but much easier and faster!) way!

You can find Quick Cure Clay on Amazon (link in My Favorite Things)

Moulds and Paper Clay

If you are looking for the latest moulds or to restock on paper clay, we carry those in our online shop

Paper Clay

Paper clay is much easier to work with. It is not as sticky as Quick Cure Clay, and much softer. Because of this, Paper clay is easier to get into and out of moulds.

However, Paper clay take much longer to dry and is not as hard and durable as Quick Cure clay.

Both can be painted and colored in many ways.

Quick Cure Clay

Quick Cure Clay dries very fast! (As long as you have a proper heating element). When dry, it is very hard a durable, which makes it perfect for this bowl project. It may take a little more work, but it CAN be used in moulds.

However, Quick Cure Clay has a unique chemical compound and you should wear gloves when using! Be aware that it will smoke a little, so you should use in a well ventilated area as well. Once in is cured, it is non-toxic.

For more detail on Quick Cure Clay and making bowls from moulds

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