Easy Metal Crown

I got this new metal trim and found this quick and easy way to make crowns! I used a 2 inch thick metal trim. I cut about 16 inches length (go longer or shorter depending on the size you want). I used wire to hold it together. You could be done there! But I wanted mine to be really fun, so I finished it with my DIY paints and Golden Ticket, sealing it with a heavy topcoat.

Products Used


  • Cut length of trim a little long for overlap
  • Trim ends so they are not sharp
  • Line up end of pattern
  • Find openings in the pattern to wrap wire through
  • Twist wire tightly in the back, trim and press flat
  • Chose base color, paint
  • Seal well with heavy topcoat (I use poly acrylic)
  • Cover with accent color for detail (Use DIY paint for easy wipe-back)
  • Wipe the dry accent color back, leaving it in the detail crevasses
  • Seal again to keep paint protected
  • Finish with a metallic wax