Burlap and Clay Multimedia Furniture

Remember those vintage-style hand-held fans we made a couple weeks ago? I did another one with burlap, paint, clay, and decoupage papers. I liked the look and concept and wanted to try it on something bigger. Here I took a laminate covered particle board shoe shelf and turned it into something with more character. I also am not planning on using it for shoes, but for my papers.

I used DIY paint, polyacrylic, IOD mould and clay, Roycycled decoupage paper and burlap.

DIY Paint
Village Market Mould
Farmhouse Project

Some tips

  • DIY clay-based paint can be watered down
  • DIY clay-based paint needs to be sealed
  • DIY clay-based paint can be wiped back from a well-sealed surface
  • Using cornstarch in your moulds helps release the narrow and fine pieces
  • Be gentle with your clay pieces if they are not completely dry and set
  • Use a thicker decoupage medium to adhere paper to burlap
  • Seal your painted burlap very well and be sure it is entirely dry to get the best transfer adhesion
  • You can try the wipe-back method on your burlap too! Be sure it is very well sealed first.
  • You can paint and seal the burlap before adhering the paper and clay, then paint the clay.

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