Black & White Sprigs

Hello all! I used my new IOD Sprigs stamp, white erasable chalk ink, and a Ball Jar stencil for this project. I put my image on a large piece of black paper, but you could do it on a blackboard, or do the same project with black on white!

Steps, tips, & tricks:

IOD Sprigs Stamp

I used my new IOD sprigs stamp. I liked this stamp for this project because I did not have to mask it! You can use any long, stringy, or wispy stamps you have to do the same concept. You can also substitute the Sprigs stamp with any floral stamp you have, but be sure to mask any fuller areas.

I happened to have this mason jar stencil. I liked the size for this project. You can get one from the same place I did (click image), use another similar stencil you already have, or make your own! Just use a durable, yet thin material, draw out your pattern, use a bade and cut out the pattern of your own stencil design.

Euro Stencil Design ... Mason Jar 12x12 Stencil for burlap image 0
Ball Jar Stencil: Euro Stencil Design
Liquid Erasable white chalk ink
Liquid Erasable Chalk Ink

I used liquid erasable white chalk ink because it is about as vibrant as paint, but can be erased and fixed if I mess up, or on a blackboard if I want to change my images. But you could substitute the liquid erasable chalk ink with with paint or other color inks (on lighter surface).