Advent day 23

Wowzers Christmas is just a couple days away!

Can you tell I have been busy with my new stencil making machine?

A final step for this project would be to seal it with a spray on or brush on sealer. Depending on the image and color of paste you use, your jar will come out looking completely unique- plus, once you add some fun items to the jar it will be even more interesting!

Use these for treats, candies, dried goods, cotton balls, bath salts, powder mixes and more!

We used a chalk paste, but you can use other texture mediums or DIY Frosting drops to make a thicker medium as well!

cat mesh stencil

Can screen stencil

Use a screen stencil for the easiest application. Or you can try using a traditional stencil. If you use a traditional stencil, be sure to use a low-tack removable adhesive to ensure the stencil is on the glass jar. We recommend a thicker medium, such as a paste, which will be less likely to slide off the glass like ordinary paint.

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