Advent day 14

Happy Advent… Sorry guys, this may not be a surprise video for you today because SOMEONE (not naming names) LEAKED the project! …[ok, it was me] But we hope you still really enjoy it!

Edison Style Bulbs

I used decorator napkins to decoupage on these chip board bulbs! Try using some leftover napkins from a previous event, or find some new at your favorite store. Watch the video to see how I take apart the plies. You do not want to glue down multi-ply paper because the top layers will come apart from the adhered layer.

For a brighter image, use a light colored card stock or paint your surface white prior to decoupaging. If you want a more muted or darker image, use dark backgrounds under the decoupage.

To make the project easier, use your own wire, ribbon, fabric, or string loop for hanging. Or use the template loop and cut carefully with a blade or small scissors.

Whatever you do- Have fun!