3D Pumpkin Cloche

We have having fun “filling” all these cloches! For this project I wanted to make mine more three dimensional looking. I used one of the Dollar Tree boards I have used for a few projects lately and I tweaked how I used the cloche stencil.

For my pumpkins, I just drew and water colored them on water-color paper, layering them as I drew to a size a little wider and shorter than the cloche.

You can do the same, or find an image online, in a magazine, or almost anything! Go beyond pumpkins. You can do fruit, flowers, shapes, almost any image you like that is just a bit longer and a bit shorter than the cloche will work.

For the background I drew a few more pumpkins. You can do the same for your background. Use the same image, duplicate it, and cut out some of the items (fruit, pumpkins, flowers, etc.).


Use a heavy, quick drying adhesive for the tabs. Be sure to attach and adhere as close to the fold and edge as possible.

Other products I used for this project:

Cloche Stencil
Golden Ticket