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This is another fun way to cover a book or journal. I have covered a blank book cover that I can bind with a fresh book, and in this video we covered old IKEA books with fun images inside. I will probably paint some of the pages with a gesso and write or decoupage something in mine as a journal. Or I may add pockets to the pages to fill. Whatever YOU do, have fun!


  • Paint book cover surface a light color to enhance the decoupage image.
  • Cut and piece your favorite decoupage image onto your paint foundation.
  • Mask off shapes with low-tack tape for word boxes.
  • Paint and outline word boxes for neat contrast. **Try different color paints and outline colors. Try markers, pens, pencils or other media to outline your word boxes.
  • Write, transfer, stamp fun words into the word boxes.
  • Seal your project.

Word Boxes

  • Mask off area with LOW TACK tap
  • Use the straight side for the inside of the shape if your rip it thinner
  • Use a dry-brush technique so paint does not bleed through
  • Try different complimenting or contrasting colors for the box background
  • Immediately tear up tape one painted
  • Once dry outline for effect
  • Use a high contrast (such as black or white, depending on your project) marker or colored pencil
  • Try paint, paint pens, Sharpies, or any number of mediums for the box outline
  • Use a straight edge to ensure straight outlines are drawn
  • Use transfer scraps, pen, stamp or other mediums to place words in the finished boxes

I used these new Roycycled papers, but you can use which ever papers are your favorite, or mix and match scraps you already have!

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