Break the Mold (or don’t)

This week’s videos and projects are all about Molds (Moulds too!).

I have collected so many Jello- molds and tin tarts over the years and am always trying to come up with fun uses for them. Not only that, but I have some old and well loved IOD moulds along with the new font moulds to use! So, what are we going to do today? Play with Molds!

Another clay and mould tip!

I like to adhere my clay onto my project before it dries. That way, it will dry flat onto the project. However, you can always let your clay pieces dry first, and paint them, then adhere them.

The main drawback with this second method is the back sides will not be flat. You will need to gently sand them to get a good adherence to your project. They may also curl or bend while drying if not attached to your final project.

Try both ways and see which is easier for you!

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classic elements
Harper mould

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