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Stenciled Paint Chip Brush (go to bottom)

DIY Pigment projects (below)

There are many brands of pigments you can find in art shops or online. I happened to get these DIY pigments and wanted to see some of the fun ways I could use them! The great thing about having pigments and making your own products is that you can create your perfect color and use it across mediums! Create your own theme pallet and make it into inks, paints, crayons, pastes, and more! Then, no matter what project you find yourself conquering, you will have your favorite colors to work with.

DIY retailer list link

Many of the base items I got from Amazon- you can find them on A Few of My Favorite Things list:

Using your Pigments…

Watercolor paints: 1 part gum Arabic, 1 part pigment, a few drops vegetable glycerin, a few drops water as needed.
Texture Paste: 1/4 – 1/3 cup texture medium, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon pigment (depending on shade)
Ink: 1 teaspoon white mixing ink, 1/4 teaspoon pigment, few drops rubbing alcohol, ink pad
Crayons:Paraffin or bee’s wax: melted, pigment, pour into a mould
Alcohol Ink:Rubbing alcohol, pigment
Oil Paint:Linseed oil, pigment

Download and print onto watercolor paper to make your own DIY color pallet.

Look at the completed pallet below to decide which pigments to get for your own collection

DIY Pigments Pallet

Want a funner way to show off your new paint colors? Why not use these super neat paintbrushes!

Get this super cool stencil by clicking the image below.

Paintbrush Stencil

This is where I purchased my stencil if you want the same image.

Don’t have or want this stencil? Why not use another art related stencil, stamp, image, or even draw your image! You could do the same fun project with the outline image of an artist paintbrush, pencil, pen, or marker!

As always, we would love to see what you create! Post a picture of your color pallet or colored paint brush project in the comments below!

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