Revamped Dollar Tree Board

Look at these boards I found at the Dollar Tree! I thought I could do something else with them. I really like the industrial look. It is simple, black and white with just enough aged look. I used my old dictionary papers and some fun IOD transfers to make these simple boards. You could use your favorite decoupage papers, transfers, stamps, paints, stencils or whatever you like depending on the look you are going for! But for $1.25 you can’t go wrong with this fun work surface!


  • Don’t forget to sand off the glitter before decoupaging!
  • Water down paint if you want to add a wash
  • Try using colorful transfers that pop against your dictionary paper
  • Try using heat embossing for stamps to add dimension
  • Try using decoupage paper for your background (paint the board a solid color first)
  • Try to frame the board by masking off an edge and painting
  • Add sari silk, ribbon, or jute to the top of the board to hang or embellish

Products I used

Dictionary Pages
Block Type Stamp
Entomology Transfer
Explorations Transfer

Ornate Shadow Box Frames

I used my new metal trim to make these ornate frames. I took some of my Roycycled decoupage paper and made a little piece of art to place in the frame.

Products I used

Wood Blanks
Roycycled Dress Form Projects Blocks
Metal Trim
DIY Paints
  • Use any wood frame of shadow box you have
  • Get a decorative metal trim you can easily cut and maneuver
  • Line metal up on the edge of the wood to give you more dimension and size
  • Use a staple gun, finishing nail gun, or heavy duty adhesive
  • Try using different colors of paint or just use a metallic patina
  • Use DIY paint for the wipe-back method for fun contrast and detail
  • Fill with your favorite art, or make something fun!

Curious Little Pumpkin

I have these cute little paper/plant-based pumpkins in a natural color that are really fun just as-is, but I had other ideas for them.

I painted them orange, sealed them and did a dark wipe-back with my DIY paint. I also used these little wood stands I have to display them. But you could do so many things! They are sturdy, yet can be poked into for embellishing or displaying.

Products I used

DIY Paint & Gold Wax
Metal Trim for Crown
Frog Clips
Use as a place holder or item label.

Project Video

Easy Metal Crown

I got this new metal trim and found this quick and easy way to make crowns! I used a 2 inch thick metal trim. I cut about 16 inches length (go longer or shorter depending on the size you want). I used wire to hold it together. You could be done there! But I wanted mine to be really fun, so I finished it with my DIY paints and Golden Ticket, sealing it with a heavy topcoat.

Products Used


  • Cut length of trim a little long for overlap
  • Trim ends so they are not sharp
  • Line up end of pattern
  • Find openings in the pattern to wrap wire through
  • Twist wire tightly in the back, trim and press flat
  • Chose base color, paint
  • Seal well with heavy topcoat (I use poly acrylic)
  • Cover with accent color for detail (Use DIY paint for easy wipe-back)
  • Wipe the dry accent color back, leaving it in the detail crevasses
  • Seal again to keep paint protected
  • Finish with a metallic wax

Fox in a Field

I had fun creating this project. The video is part tutorial, and part creative process. Use whatever media you have to fill in your watercolor vine frame!

Products I used

Whispering Willows Transfer
Junk Journal Project Blocks Paper

Project Tips

  • Spray seal the water color to set the pigment in place.
  • Use a heavier brush seal prior to transferring for better adhesion
  • Use up scraps and a variety of mediums to create a fun collage
  • Use different leaf shapes for fall! Or add flowers to your vine.

If you are interested in learning more about water color, visit Lexi Grenzer, and take one of her courses!

Fox in a Field Video

Fall Freebies

We added some more fall freebie downloads onto our Downloads & Freebies page.

Download and use these fun images on your fall projects. Most of them are FREE!

Fun Embellishments

A little artist fun! I love these paintbrush embellishments because I am an artist and I can add them to so many things. I also like that I can customize the paint color and style. Even if you do not use paintbrush embellishments, you can use the same concept on any clay or resin pieces to show the texture in the piece.

DIY Paint

Plain Resin Paintbrush Pieces coming soon!

Christmas Label Ideas

Download the free Christmas Tags to use as-is, or crop, change the size, and use on your next Christmas project.

Christmas Label sheet
IOD Vintage Textures Stamp

How to use Free Label download

  • Download file
  • Open in your favorite graphic editing tool
  • Crop, resize, or print as-is
  • Print on different papers or label backings (or print on fabric!)
  • Decoupage, sew, or adhere
  • Distress, seal, or simply stick to an item

Fallish Stitches

Primitive Tree

This first project is a different take on traditional cross stitch. I really liked the way the subtle lines came out with the primitive pencil grid. To make it easy, I just drew the pattern directly onto my fabric. Depending on the size of grid, you can make the pattern larger or smaller.

Lexi Grenzer Stamp
1 yard wool $5


You could just print out the image or use the running stitch idea on any silhouette. I took the template image, printed it onto fabric and followed the stitches with dark thread. Try using different color threads, or inks. Try printing the single image larger or making several small crows.

Print on fabric:

  • Cut a piece of cotton 8.5″ x 11″
  • Iron the shiny side of freezer paper (8.5″ x 11″) to the back of the fabric.
  • Run the fabric/freezer paper through the printer- printing the template.
  • Remove the freezer paper from the back by gently pulling.
  • Save the freezer paper to re-use on your next printed fabric.

Video tutorials: Cross-Stitch Tree & Running Stitch Crow.

Stitching review

Paper Stars and Baubles

For this project I used a new star fold I learned and used my DIY Golden Ticket patina and mica glitter for shine. I also use my new IOD Baubles mould and some quick-setting resin. You can take pieces of this project tutorial and customize it. Make stars, paint and glitter, use resin in the new Baubles mould… Take the concepts and use your imagination, or do the exact same project!

Whatever you do- have fun!

Products I used:

IOD Baubles mould
DIY Golden Ticket
Sari Silk
Vintage Mica Flakes

Amazing Casting Resin: 5 Minute Cure can be found at any craft store!

IOD Merry & Bright Stamp
IOD Vintage Textures stamp
DIY Paint

Star Steps

  • 8 paper squares (I used 5×5)
  • Crease in half both ways
  • Crease diagonal both ways
  • Fold two corners into center (like paper airplane)
  • Fold in half lengthwise (folded sides in)
  • Push flat end fold into center and flatten
  • Connect all 8 “birds” beaks inside of wings
  • Fold excess “wingtip” into next bird
  • Create octagon frame
  • Side edges inward and out

Star tips

  • Use colored or textured paper rather than painting
  • Try making bigger or smaller stars (use 8 squares any size)
  • Original square size is the size of the star center
  • Add different embellishments