Fallish Stitches

Primitive Tree

This first project is a different take on traditional cross stitch. I really liked the way the subtle lines came out with the primitive pencil grid. To make it easy, I just drew the pattern directly onto my fabric. Depending on the size of grid, you can make the pattern larger or smaller.

Lexi Grenzer Stamp
1 yard wool $5


You could just print out the image or use the running stitch idea on any silhouette. I took the template image, printed it onto fabric and followed the stitches with dark thread. Try using different color threads, or inks. Try printing the single image larger or making several small crows.

Print on fabric:

  • Cut a piece of cotton 8.5″ x 11″
  • Iron the shiny side of freezer paper (8.5″ x 11″) to the back of the fabric.
  • Run the fabric/freezer paper through the printer- printing the template.
  • Remove the freezer paper from the back by gently pulling.
  • Save the freezer paper to re-use on your next printed fabric.

Video tutorials: Cross-Stitch Tree & Running Stitch Crow.

Stitching review

Paper Stars and Baubles

For this project I used a new star fold I learned and used my DIY Golden Ticket patina and mica glitter for shine. I also use my new IOD Baubles mould and some quick-setting resin. You can take pieces of this project tutorial and customize it. Make stars, paint and glitter, use resin in the new Baubles mould… Take the concepts and use your imagination, or do the exact same project!

Whatever you do- have fun!

Products I used:

IOD Baubles mould
DIY Golden Ticket
Sari Silk
Vintage Mica Flakes

Amazing Casting Resin: 5 Minute Cure can be found at any craft store!

IOD Merry & Bright Stamp
IOD Vintage Textures stamp
DIY Paint

Star Steps

  • 8 paper squares (I used 5×5)
  • Crease in half both ways
  • Crease diagonal both ways
  • Fold two corners into center (like paper airplane)
  • Fold in half lengthwise (folded sides in)
  • Push flat end fold into center and flatten
  • Connect all 8 “birds” beaks inside of wings
  • Fold excess “wingtip” into next bird
  • Create octagon frame
  • Side edges inward and out

Star tips

  • Use colored or textured paper rather than painting
  • Try making bigger or smaller stars (use 8 squares any size)
  • Original square size is the size of the star center
  • Add different embellishments


Pumpkin & Cat

I took some old vintage images I had and turned them into this fun project page. Watch the video for some fun ideas on what to do with your free printouts. What other ideas can you come up with? Attach to goodie bags, decorate for October, make cards, use at your upcoming fall party…

Free download below

Supplies and such (click to follow links)

wood bowls
Ornament things
Lexi’s stamp
Prairie Boots

Ideas video

Hidden Treasures

Look at these fun new Roycycled Treasures stencils! The surprises under the cloches may not be hidden, but they are fun!

You can use each stencil separately or together. The real fun is deciding what to use with the stencils!

I used some of my favorite Royce paper, and some IOD transfers and scraps. You can use whatever you have- family photos, scraps, printouts, three dimensional items and more!

Cloche Stencil
Urn Stencil
Christmas Masterboard Decoupage Paper
Floral Anthology Transfer
Whispering Willow Transfer

IOD Jingle Deer


  • Use a quick setting Resin or a hard-setting medium
  • Paint, stain, wax to get the most detail
  • Use in combination with other mould elements or additional media
  • Use on its own, on wood, boxes, tags, and more!
Jingle IOD mould
DIY paints, great for wipe-back
Pretty in Plaid IOD stamp
Clamshell Boxes

Fall Buntings

These are super fun and easy buntings! You can also use them as a garland or other decoration. Use the same images for place settings, napkins, invitations, food labels and more for a matching table!

Go to our Freebies & Downloads page for Free image downloads (including the fall collage we used for this project!)
Sari Silk

Cotton Sheep

Village Market Mould


  • Try using other mediums (cotton balls, paper pulp, get creative!)
  • Try using different moulds
  • Try adding color with different dyes and inks
  • Add a wire or string to make into an ornament
  • Adhere to a board for a unique piece of 3D art
  • Create an entire scene with cotton creations
  • Use different mediums in the moulds to make diverse textures between elements (A clay cow, paper mache pig, and cotton sheep)
  • Use your favorite decoupage medium to water down.

Remove Element after it begins to set, but BEFORE it completely dries. Let it set out to dry completely before antiquing or embellishing.

Another Cozy Idea

I am having fun with this new IOD cozy stamp! It is a Christmas release, but it has SO MANY year-round uses! Not only is this stamp fun, but also the IOD transfers with birds.

If this project looks a little familiar, that is because I did a similar project in the past before IOD released this stamp set. The stamp adds a little more detail to the cups and makes it so much easier to make! The transfers also add the right size birds with vibrant colors and detail.

Products I used:

New IOD Christmas ’22

Some fun and cozy ideas and projects using the new IOD Christmas line for 2022!

  • Try using the other fun images for the front
  • Use different color inks and papers
  • Give as small gifts, tags, ornaments, or powdered drink packaging for a craft show
  • Adhere mix or gift card before wrapping “cozy” to ensure a good fit
  • Download template and stamp over it
  • Make your own template with your favorite bow stamp
  • Try different paper and ink colors
  • Add to boxes, gifts, decorations, or a tree!

Download the Bow Template

Used on the bunting…

Pumpkins 2022

These two projects came on the heals of me doing this fun online class by Lexi Grenzer!

I also used a couple decoupage papers in a new way to make these really fun.

Second Pumpkin Project Coming Soon