Upcoming May Event

Join us this May!

We had a lot of fun last October at our Customer Appreciation event. Our next event is May 14-16, 2021 (Friday-Sunday) at Curious Farms Market.

Saturday and Sunday will be scheduled all-day (no pop-ins and pop-outs please). If you came in October, you know how busy we are!


Friday, May 14- Reception, welcome, socialize, food & drink :1pm – 6pm

Saturday, May 15- Big project plus activities & time to socialize and shop: 9am – 5 pm

Sunday, May 14- Big project plus activities & time to socialize & shop: 9am – 5pm

It is important to us to make this event special and have the supplies we need for those committed to come. For that reason:

*Only those who have RSVP ed will be admitted, no exceptions.

*A non-refundable $5 reservation will be required. But we will give you a $5 gift certificate to use in the shop while you are here!

RSVP Closed! Event is FULL

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