Tussie Mussie

I was challenged to make a tussie mussie with IOD inlays. Since I have several old metal funnels around, I thought that would be the perfect base! You can use a metal or plastic funnel for this project. They are inexpensive to buy and come in many sizes, but chances are you have an old one lying around too!

I wanted a softer look, so I added a fun gathered fabric to m tussie mussie. This was the perfect way to incorporate the paint inlays as well. You could just apply the paint inlay onto the funnel with wet paint if you prefer.

Products I Used

rose chintz paint inlay
Paint inlay (not to be confused with transfers)
Sari Silk
DIY paints
Trimmings 1
IOD Moulds & Clay

Alternative ideas

  • Use a plastic funnel or metal funnel
  • Use the funnel surface for paint inlays instead of fabric
  • Us a patterned fabric instead of painted, inlay fabric
  • Use any ribbon, chains, or charms for the bottom of the tussie mussie
  • Use real, fresh, dried, or synthetic flowers. Or try paper or other bouquets!
  • Try different trimmings moulds, embellishment moulds, or no mould at all
  • Mix up which colors you use
  • Try different wipe-back layer colors
  • Use one solid color of paint rather than wiping back for accent
  • Use a colored clay instead of painting it

Video Tutorial

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