Tiny Books

I actually really like miniatures. But even if you are not into miniatures, this project can be fun for a little journal, or increase the size and make it bigger!

What you will need:

  • Patterned or Plain paper for the PAGES
  • Card Stock for the COVER
  • Heavy Glue for BINDING
  • Glue Stick or similar strength adhesive for PAGES

Once your mini book is complete, take some time to decorate each page. It may be small in size, but it can be big in creativity. Best of all, it is easy to carry and would make a fun personalized book for someone special.

Some tips:

  • Use a quick drying glue. Glue stick works well for the inside because it does not seep out and it dries quick.
  • Use a stronger glue that dries quick for the binding
  • Give yourself extra paper and cover. You can always trim it later!
  • Think of how you will decorate the pages before you select the page paper
  • Try different dimensions of books using the same concept!
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