Stenciling a Curvy Lady

For this project I used a really fun sewing stencil with great detail. I got it from one of my favorite stencil companies, EuroStencilDesigns.

You can do the same thing with your favorite stencil you have on hand. Try other curvy surfaces, such as a vase or piece of furniture.

The trick is to be slow, patient, and keep your stencil tight on the small surface area you are working on. Carefully re-align it as you go. For best results use an up-&-down dry brush technique to keep the paint from seeping under the stencil around your curves.

Liquid Erasable Chalk Stenciling

We also re-did this fun blackboard using chalkboard paint and another stencil.

For this, we used erasable chalk ink. Erasable chalk ink is fun because with a little water, you can erase it and do something new, but it is better than chalk since it does not smudge and rub off without water.

I really like using the ink for stamping and stenciling fun pictures and words onto my blackboards.

Liquid Erasable white chalk ink
Liquid Erasable Chalk Ink
Blank Stamp Pad
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