Some Fall Goodies

It is still hot out, but Fall is around the corner. For any of you make-it-yourselfers this is the time to start thinking about Autumn projects and decorating.

This week I used up more of my Roycycled decoupage paper, some old Christmas ornaments, used a fun 11×17 paper image, and used drieds that I had around. I also got to use some of the texture paste we made last week!

Drieds Garland

Garland Fixings Kits

Click the image to the left to see our Garland fixings kits.


Scavenge your YARD, PANTRY, or KITCHEN for fun drieds! If you have some fruit on hand, slice it and put it in a dehydrating machine.

I used WIRE for my drieds garland because I like that it bends, keeps its shape better, and I can form it. But you can also use cording, heavy thread, or whatever you have on hand!

October Girl Board

Bohemian Rhapsody - Designs by Vintage Retail Therapy by Mara
Background Stencil

Click the image to the Left to see where I got this fun background stencil we used for the texture.

Fall Ornaments Using Decoupage Scraps

Using paper scraps from last week’s projects and multi-purposing some old Christmas ornaments, I made these fall ornaments for the Autumn. You can add any theme or fall embellishment you would like! I just wanted to show you another project idea with the wonderful leftovers from the decoupage paper we already used.

Halloween project blocks 2
Decoupage papers