Quick Easy Book Project

This is one of those products that is super unique and fun! I was so excited when I saw it. This double-sided card stock is perfectly aligned so I could use it to make a perfectly instant book! I used binder clips to add pages, but we have so many different book making ideas that you could use to add signatures. Get creative and have fun!

12 x 12” card stock. Books
We may be temporarily out-of-stock, we will have more available very soon!

We do sell this card stock, but you may also have another similar paper or card stock in your stash. If not, you could scan in your favorite old book cover from your book shelf and print it out yourself, or find a fun book cover image online! Get creative and use what you have to easily and quickly make something super fun.

Some fun stamps

Tubes of paint stamp. 2”x3”
Crayons stamp. 2” x 3”

For tape, binder slips, & other supplies

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