Phase 2

Ready for phase 2?

First of all THANK YOU to everyone who made submissions for Phase 1! We received some really neat submissions and had a hard time choosing which products to choose for projects.

At the end of Phase 3 all who participated and contributed in ANY way for this contest will be entered into a drawing for a prize, so even if your item did not get picked for Phase 2, the contest is not over yet! Your items may also come up in Phase 3… stay tuned!

Anyone can participate in Phase 2 (even if you did not participate in Phase 1).

Contest 1: Create something fun using a hard cover book. Once you create the neatest thing you can, post a picture of it on this post, or this post on Facebook.

You can use any part or all of the book. The project, your creation, should use the book as a main ‘ingredient’. The book should be a substantial part of whatever your project is. But, get creative and make something you would love!

You can only make ONE entry into the book project contest.

Contest 2: Make a LIST (or a single suggestion) of what you could or would make (an idea for a final use or finished project) if you had an old or spare lamp lying around. Your suggestions could be for all or part of the lamp. Come up with the most unique, clever, or the longest list of suggestions for this contest, or just one awesome idea. There is no limit, just that your suggestions utilize a spare or old lamp.

Submit your lamp suggestions in the comments of this post or as a comment in this Facebook post.

Submissions are due FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2021.

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