Peat Baskets

Peat pots are fairly inexpensive and easy to find this time of year! I have used round pots in the past, but for this project I wanted to use these cute little square pots.


  • DIY Frosting drops thicken the paint
  • The more drops and/or the more time the drops set, the thicker the paint
  • Paint should not be paste thick, but thicker than regular paint.
  • Transfers adhere easily to paper
  • Any surface that can be decoupaged can get a “paper” transfer
  • Difficult to transfer surfaces can have transfers adhered by decoupaging transferred paper
  • Peat pots are soft and easy to work with. Modify with embellishments and handles.
  • Be sure to seal the peat pot to keep the decorations intact.
  • To use as biodegradable planters, modify your embellishments to biodegradable mediums

Products I used in this project

Ephemeral Melange IOD Transfer 8x12 Pad
IOD Ephemeral Melange Transfer
DIY Paint Frosting
DIY Frosting Drops (& paint)
Texture Stamp
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