Panoramic View

What I used for this up-cycled project:

Some old jars I had lying around. Really you could use almost anything.

I used my DIY paint. Though you could use any paints for the base layer, DIY or similar style paints will wipe back easier for the top coat.

I used my new IOD Frames mould and air-dry clay. You could also try using a Trimmings mould and piecing it into a frame! This would also allow for more customization for your lantern and the jar you use.

I used my Roycycled Christmas Project Blocks B paper. You could use your favorite image or even a scrap from a previous project that is just big enough for your jar!

There are so many ways you could use up what you already have to create this fun project.

For lighting you can use LED lights, small flash lights, night lights, flicker lights, or tea lights. It depends on your jar and what direction you place it how you add your lighting.

Some Supplies Used

Christmas projects B
Decoupage Papers
Old School
DIY Paints etc.