New IOD, Old Table

What better way to update an old piece of furniture than with a new IOD transfer?

This table was left outside for more than a year, and the weathered wood became very distinct and charming! While I normally would not recommend treating furniture this way, the outcome can be wonderful if done with the right solid-wood piece. The white painted surface became naturally peel-y and cracked. The slats became slightly warped and separated as well.

Tips and Products

Cotswold transfer
  • Clean, sand, and seal your piece for best transfer adhesion
  • Make sure sealer is dry
  • Measure the table to find the center point
  • Start with one block
  • Align the 2nd and 3rd blocks to the first block to reduce the chance of a misaligned image
  • Be aware of cracks, slats, and other imperfections in your piece when placing the transfer
  • Burnish down the transfer well, taking note of surface imperfections
  • Top with a final seal to protect the transfer image
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