Mixed Media & Brights

DIY Bohemian Brights are interesting because they are a transparent medium that adds color over the top of images without covering the images! There are many ways to use them, but I found that using my Gel printing plate is a simple method to put a light layer of this bright color over many mediums.

For both these projects I used the DIY Brights with my Gel plate. With each project I use different techniques and concepts to produce fun details and texture. I hope you can use one of these ideas in your next mixed-media project!

Some products I used in these projects:

Entomology dictionary page
Decoupage Papers
rose chintz paint inlay
Paint Inlays
Label Ephemera transfer
Label Ephemera Transfer
Gel Printing plates and more
Bohemian Brights

Mixed-media Journal Pocket

Mixed Media Concepts

Helpful past videos

Gel Plate
Using making powder pigments

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