Layered Bunting: A Reality Tutorial

This is not just another fun bunting idea- it has several techniques that can be used on countless other projects!

To do this specific project, we have a limited supply of kits available for purchase.

This project is also different because it is our first pilot “Reality Tutorial” where we do a true tutorial with a student on camera. Unlike our short Curious Tutorials that give you a spark or idea and show you a concept and send you on your way to have fun- this tutorial is longer and has more detailed explanations. For this video, the student, Melanie, is a novice for many of the techniques shown, making the video a fun experience to watch!

Technique ideas:

  • Layering bunting sections
  • Creating different textures through decoupage, paint, corrugated paper, chalk paste, salt wash, & more.
  • Paint blending “Double dipping”
  • Wipe-back method using a top layer of DIY paint
  • Different methods to attach bunting sections
  • Different bunting trim materials
  • Using transfers
  • distress and antiquing methods

Limited supply of Kits.

3 Yard Bunting Kit

Products (if you don’t get a kit)

Tissue paper