Fun Textured Bowl

What would YOU do with a box of old dot paper strips from reams of vintage continuous feed printer paper?

Some products we used for this project

DIY Paint for wipe-back method
Rock Hard Top Coat from our friends @ Funkiture


  • Try using different widths of paper strips
  • Find continuous paper and cut into strips
  • Use colored paper, magazine paper, or junk mail
  • Try different adhesives and mediums
  • Try different sizes and shapes for your bowl.
  • Use matte or gloss finish for different looks
  • Try embellishing with buttons, jewels, ribbons, transfers, and more
  • Turn upside down and use the hole for a lamp cord- make into a lamp shade
  • Make different sizes and turn into a tiered piece
  • Turn upside down and add a handle as a shew fly or cover


  • If you have a quilling tool, it is easier to keep the paper strips together
  • Use the smallest size skewer or stick to wrap around. The size of the stick will be the size of the hole
  • Use a little light adhesive to keep paper wrapped on stick until you are finished. You should be able to slide the wrapped paper off the stick without ruining your wrap.
  • Use a thicker medium that will not dry too quickly before trying to shape the wrap. It should be tacky and hold without being hard.
  • SLOWLY and CAREFULLY shape the wrap over a bowl. Do not let the layers completely separate
  • Use a heavier-grade medium to seal the bowl and hold it in shape.
  • Seal as many times as it takes-inside and out- to keep bowl form.
  • Let the sealer dry between stages!
  • DIY and other clay-based paints are best if you want to do the wipe-back method.