Field Journal Cork Board

I was given this old office wall organizer with cork board and wanted to do something fun with it! So I took some of my favorite papers and transfers and combined them to make something spectacular!

There are SO MANY projects I can think of using this combination of transfers, stamps, and papers.

Whatever size or type of cork board you have or find, you can make it amazing with your favorite papers and transfers also! Don’t stop at a bulletin board… you can make custom push pins, clips, notebooks, pen holders, and almost any office accessory!


  • Pick your own style and combine papers and transfers
  • Great project for transfer scraps
  • Use your favorite decoupage medium and sealers
  • Garage sales, thrift store finds
  • Use scraps to tie in other office supplies
  • Have fun!


Decoupage Papers

Roycycled Industrial Masterboard Decoupage Paper
Industrial Master Board
Entomology dictionary page
Entomology Dictionary


Frond Botanical transfer
Entomology ETC. transfer