FAQ and Info

  • Why is shipping so high for a piece of $1 paper?
    • We make sure to ship your 11×17 papers flat in heavy envelopes to ensure a quality product you can actually craft with! We also refund any shipping charges that go beyond the actual cost to ship your product to you. We charge base shipping by order dollar amount. We use your shipping charges to pay shipping costs, and you will be refunded overages if you pay more than it costs to ship your order to you. For most orders we do use UPS which tends to be more reliable than USPS, but sometimes USPS is less expensive (for smaller orders). If you prefer the CHEAPEST shipping method, be sure to add a note to your order and we will do the best we can.
  • When will I receive my order?
    • We ship every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (except on weeks with holidays or unforeseen weather, etc.). If your order is placed by mid-day the day prior to shipping, it will probably be shipped out the next morning. For big new releases, we will often add a shipping day to ensure you get your products sooner. We do usually use UPS, which takes one to three days on average to arrive to your door. We will send you a tracking number when your item is ready to be shipped. If you request USPS it is very possible your order will take longer to arrive.
  • My order won’t go through- Help!
    • Recently several customers have had some trouble checking out. We are aware of the problem, and have contacted Square. It appears it may be worse with slower internet/wireless/data connections. If you notice your order is not going through, REFRESH the page and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Feel free to reach out if you are not sure your order went through.
    • Some customers receive various errors when entering their email or mailing addresses. Be sure to verify your information, and if you utilize auto-fill, check that there are no added spaces before or after your data. Occasionally this will result in an error on websites (including ours).
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